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Richie Ramone sues over song downloads

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Sep 2007 19:51 User comments (6)

Richie Ramone sues over song downloads Richie Reinhardt, better known as Richie Ramone the former drummer of the band "The Ramones" is suing Wal-Mart, Apple and Real Networks over what he claims is copyright infringement for six Ramones songs that are available for legal sale on the internet. Ramone is asking for almost $1 million USD in royalties on the songs.
According to the suit, Reinhardt says he is the sole creator of six songs that he did not agree to offer for sale over the internet and that the copyrights on his music were violated when they began being digitally offered.

“The plaintiff has never authorized the duplication, distribution, performance or other exploitation of the compositions in any non-physical digital format,”
the suit alleges.

Reinhardt is also asking for an injunction on the following six songs, barring them from being sold on the internet; "Can't Say Something Nice," "Human Kind", "I Know Better Now", "I'm Not Jesus", "Smash You" and "Somebody Put Something in My Drink."

"Richie has never gotten the recognition creatively, and certainly economically, for being a mainstay for the Ramones during what was probably not their most visible period,"
said Jeff Sanders, Reinhardt's attorney.

The Ramones are still considered one of the original leaders of the punk rock movement.


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6 user comments

122.9.2007 22:44

It will all depend on WHO ACTUALLY OWNS the songs and has the "legal rights" to distribute them.

If the record company does, then they can make a deal with Wal mart, apple, etc. But if not, then he will have to show some kind of proof that he actually has the rights to those songs he is suing over.

223.9.2007 5:48

I say he is broke and needs the money.

324.9.2007 7:08

ether hes entitled to his standard 4 or 5 points or they made some shitty record contracts back in the 80's

428.9.2007 16:05

Sue the site that posted it not the player itself.

528.9.2007 19:08

Me thinks Richie spent all his money.

628.9.2007 21:18

It's so sad when a "once famous artist" tries to stir things up to sneak back into the spotlight...

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