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British Telecom to buy Sprint?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 Sep 2007 19:31 User comments (15)

British Telecom to buy Sprint? According to Reuters, there are rumors flying around that the large mobile phone provider Sprint could be getting sold to British Telecom, and soon.
Despite still having the third largest cellular service in the US, Sprint continues to lose market share causing its stock prices to decline.

If Sprint was to get purchased by Birtish Telecom it would join T-Mobile and Verizon as American carriers that have significant foreign ownership. T-Mobile is an extension of Deutsche Telekom of Germany while Verizon is partly owned by Vodafone of the UK.


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15 user comments

123.9.2007 20:12

I'm a Sprint customer what does this mean to me?

223.9.2007 20:27

Same here... hopefully they won't do something stupid like jack up their prices higher than they already are.

324.9.2007 7:04

maybe i'll get better coverage

424.9.2007 7:47

Originally posted by ooZEROoo:
I'm a Sprint customer what does this mean to me?
It means customer services will have an English accent.

524.9.2007 7:54

Sir Age, no it doesn't it means they are all from spain as like that seems to be where all customer service ppl are situated at.

Meh i don't care rele as i live in UK but O2 have decent price plans and stuff so its not all that bad.
NB O2 is BT

624.9.2007 8:53

Foreign markets means economic decline. Almost everybody depends on cellular phones. I hope that Boost Mobile plan pricing doesn't become affected since its owned by Sprint.

724.9.2007 8:55

Well, this would be the second change for me. I am with Nextel, and not too long ago, Sprint bought them. I went from Nextel to Sprint, now looks like I will be going from Sprint to British Telecom.

THE GOOD NEWS: The service can ONLY get better.

824.9.2007 15:29

The consumer will not see any differance its just who your monthly payment go to.

925.9.2007 23:27

they are all from spain
I know for a fact that Nextel (now Sprint) has call centres operated by a third party (Satan... I mean TeleTech) in North Bay, Timmins and Orillia, Ontario, Canada.

1028.9.2007 16:14

As an Enghlishman based in Texas well versed in BT's pricing etc and plan structures I can say sprint customers would be better off in the long run, sprint service sucks currently (I have Sprint) and with BT investing the service would get better rollover minutes will appear and pricing would probably drop to be more competitive with Verizon BT's biggest european competitor, this would mean good news for the american sprint customer base.

1128.9.2007 17:18

It is a very competitive market out there and you need to really either be a head of the game or merge to survive.

1229.9.2007 5:00

sir age, i hate to disappoint you but thinking you will be hearing british accents could not be further from the truth, most british call centres are now in india, pakistan or other asian countries and their english is pathetic, plus having to pay for phone calls to these companies wanting information or help costs you more money as you try to decipher what their saying

1329.9.2007 9:51

If you take a good look around the world most major corporations are sending the technical support services to India Pakistan etc, the quality of training is extremely poor the language barrier is enormous with the caller having to repeat multiple times the nature of the issue to the call taker, and Why is this we ask ?? it is easy a pakistani gets the huge $1.00 a day in wages wheras a similar employee in the US or the UK would be demanding at least minimum wage.
So what the customer has to suffer do corporations really care if you cant understand the person you are trying to get problem resolution from that is a simple answer NO!!!

I as a network engineer have had to deal with sbc on dsl issues and when you speak with the so called tech support center all you get is is this PPOE as that is all we support, I might as well bang my head against the wall trying to get a straightforward answer from a bunch of illiterate underpaid script reading pakistanis or indians.

1430.9.2007 2:59

Originally posted by ooZEROoo:
I'm a Sprint customer what does this mean to me?
It means customer services will have an English accent.
You got that wrong. It will have INDIAN accent!

1511.6.2011 12:38
Unverified new user

Originally posted by Sir-Age:
Originally posted by ooZEROoo:
Im a Sprint customer what does this mean to me?
It means customer services will have an English accent.
lol an english accent ya know! :)
anyway, maybe this means we in england cn get sprint phones too? namely the htc evo 3d 4g....

is it true that sprint phones do not use sim cards...?

whats the difference between sprint and say gsm or a regular phone...?

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