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TorrentSpy traffic declines dramatically since US ban

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Oct 2007 12:57 User comments (13)

TorrentSpy traffic declines dramatically since US ban According to Alexa stats, the MPAA seems to have a victory in regards to halting piracy caused by the once popular torrent site TorrentSpy. The figures show that since a federal judge ordered the site to log all user data and consequently ban access to US users, their traffic has fallen dramatically.
TorrentSpy founder Justin had this to say when they decided to censor US users, "Whatever future awaits, the innovations of peer-to-peer technology and the jobs and opportunities it creates will take place outside of the USA."

Other torrent sites have seen increased growth however since TorrentSpy's decision, with sites such as Mininova and ThePirateBay seeing substantial growth.

You can view a chart of the decline in traffic here courtesy of TF.

It remains to be seen whether Demonoid and Isohunt will see the same results after placing bans or having bans placed on them by anti-piracy groups like the MPAA or CRIA.


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13 user comments

16.10.2007 13:04

Excuse my math, but wouldn't a 100% decrease result in 0 traffic?? o.O

26.10.2007 13:18

Am I missing where it said "100% decrease" in the article?

The math is right 100% decrease does equal 0 traffic but it's not in the article right?

36.10.2007 13:19

Typo was edited, thanks for the heads up Stang.

46.10.2007 13:20

Torrentspy? HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! That site was useless anyways...what are people crying about?


56.10.2007 13:25

No problemo Dvd, typos happen to the best of them :)

LOL at Kazaa44! A bit ironic a person with that name is dissing torrentspy eh? :lol:


Spelled typo wrong, point proven!

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 06 Oct 2007 @ 13:26

66.10.2007 13:30

fawk..if demonoid and TPB were forced to ban US traffic...*tear*

76.10.2007 16:24

You know, a fair amount people that used Torrentspy in the first place probably wouldn't think of using a proxy which is why most traffic dropped. That goes to show that Torrentspy was more for the internet security illiterate class of people. Also, the chart says "daily traffic rank trend." What ranking is that among; torrent sites, internet in general?

86.10.2007 18:40

whats up with ISOhunt its not changed any for me 0-o

96.10.2007 19:47

I am in US and i can still use it. How?? Proxy...
It's a little bit slow but hey it works great. the most important is to get the torrent even it takes few seconds more. The speed is great when it comes to downloading.

107.10.2007 3:58

I have always used a proxy to surf the net so that nosy people don't track my habits :) The site is a cr@p site now it always has been.

117.10.2007 5:09

come on guys!!i think torrentspy one of the best torrent site coz there's alot of comment on the torrents there(that was before because now they dont post it anymore plus the porn)...what i like about it was that through comments you cant tell how good the download is, there's no point in downloading gigs of stuff if there are people do advice how to solve those problems.feed back is important when judging a torrent.more over when you search it the best of the best comes out...i always have trouble finding torrent in demonoid and mininova dont have much comments in their torrent...sadly torrentspy dont show comments the way i'm from Philippines and i dont really have trouble downloading stuff....


1213.10.2007 15:38

Well, if Demoniod and Isohunt go, we're all screwed. I love Demoniod!!

1318.10.2007 16:54

The fact of the matter is we all know that if you stop one that wont stop them recreating another site elsewhere. It is only delaying the processes not stopping it.

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