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Verbatim offers 8cm Blu-ray discs for HD camcorder use

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 14 Oct 2007 19:19 User comments (3)

Verbatim offers 8cm Blu-ray discs for HD camcorder use Verbatim Corporation has brought recordable and rewritable Mini Blu-ray media (BD-R/BD-RE) to the European market. The 8cm discs store 7.5GB of data, which is advertised as being capable of storing one hour of high definition (1920x1080) video on a single side, or approximately two hours with a lower resolution of 1440x1080. The new Mini BD media have been launched in Japan simultaneously with the new Hitachi BD-compatible camcorder in August.
In Europe, the Verbatim Mini Blu-ray media will be available at the beginning of November. "Verbatim Mini BD media combined with a BD-compatible camcorder provides consumers with convenience features that hard disk camcorders cannot offer", says Torsten Leye, Marketing Manager Optical Verbatim EUMEA. "Therefore, the Verbatim high quality media are perfect for the reliable shooting and long-term storing of holiday and family videos."

Like Verbatim's standard (12 cm) BD media, the new 8 cm Mini BD media delivers the highest read/write performance and unsurpassed longevity. Advanced technologies developed by Verbatim´s parent company, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (MKM), guard against deterioration in picture and sound quality ? even with repeated recording and playback. The proprietary hard-coat finish on Verbatim BD media has superior anti-static and anti-scratch properties for added protection against scratches, fingerprints and dust particles that can occur during normal camcorder and home use.

The recordable Mini BD-R costs ?12.99, the rewritable Mini BD-R costs ?17.99 (recommended retail prices).

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3 user comments

114.10.2007 19:36

Interesting, they are a bit expensive due to them being new but what I really want to know is:

1. Hows the playback on the actual Blu-Ray players?

2. $13 (or $18) for a single hour of personal video? I think I will pass.

Maybe if they can be burned via a PC Blu-Ray burner then it might be ok as you could then edit your video instead of having an hour of high def home video.

If the camcorder records directly to the disk though thats going to be some expensive home videos.


P.S. Yes, I know probably close to 99% of the people out there won't record home videos using a high-def camera but some will, and for them thats gonna get expensive pretty quick. :P

215.10.2007 15:25

PSP2 :)

323.10.2007 7:06

Wow you get to see yourself in HD now. What else would you need.

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