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Napster still trying to entice customers

Written by Dave Horvath @ 16 Oct 2007 13:32 User comments (3)

Napster still trying to entice customers Once the most impressive force in digital file sharing, Napster had taken a hiatus after being sued into oblivion for offering a platform that allowed illegal file sharing to run rampant. Some could proclaim that it was Napster's involvement in the file sharing world that gave birth to the practices that groups like the RIAA employ today. Nevertheless, Napster had decided to come back into the world of digital music with its new legit platform, only to be faced with the brute force market share of Apple's iTunes. These days, Napster hopes to turn all of that around with its new web-based music service.
This move is intended to attract new paying subscribers to the Napster service by offering a platform that can be accessed on virtually any Internet capable device.

"With this new platform Napster can easily be integrated into consumer electronics devices or integrated into other Web sites such as social networking sites," said Christopher Allen, chief operating officer at Napster.

Napster hopes this will get them in line for more market shares during what's being seen as a turning point as more record labels are making their catalogs available without the hindering Digital Rights Management (DRM) encoding.


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3 user comments

116.10.2007 21:35

Napster is still around??? I thought Lars took care of them a long time ago.

220.10.2007 0:41

Well you know what they say...A cat has nine lives.

323.10.2007 7:53

And this is supposed to be surprising.

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