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Samsung delays dual-format player again

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Oct 2007 23:31 User comments (7)

Samsung delays dual-format player again Yesterday, Samsung confirmed that it has indeed cancelled its BD-P2400 Blu-ray player and delayed the release of its much-hyped BD-UP5000 dual-format player until late December from its original expected release date in late October.
The BD-P2400 was expected to hit retail shelves with a $649 USD price tag but the player was essentially the same as its cheaper brother the BD-P1400, which sells for $550 USD but lacks HQV video processing.

Although no reasons were specifically given, it may be that Samsung wants to ensure that their player is Profile 1.1-compliant, which becomes mandatory next week.


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7 user comments

126.10.2007 8:06

skip the BR player give us the DL palyer now!

226.10.2007 11:48

Well that's what's happened here ZippyDSM, the Blu-ray only player has been canned and the dual format player is the one that is coming (if much delayed).

UK retailers (that is the honest ones not stringing peope along) are saying there's no chance of one of the BDP5000's until sometime in 2008.

.....and what's that "profile 1.1 ready with an update sometime - maybe - in Jan 2008" cr@p about?

It looks like nothing less than a rather tragic face-saving excuse and dodge so as not to admit that 'profile 1.1' has been delayed, again, and that there'll be no profile 1.1 hardware or software by the Nov deadline as was supposed to be the case.

326.10.2007 12:28


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426.10.2007 12:54

Originally posted by SoCalSRH:
has there been a price tag set for the dual format player yet? i want one.
- I think I've seen $999 in the USA and around 485 - 500 in the UK.....but I guess that depends on when it eventually breaks cover, if it's not out until Jan, Feb or Mar who knows?
Less or more?

526.10.2007 14:20

Postponing it until boxing season to try to make more sales...

627.10.2007 2:59

I just hope that it all works out after all these delays.

73.11.2007 14:45

BD-P1400 on sale at Best Buy $499.99 US

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