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Nintendo to sell Wii in China and Korea

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Oct 2007 11:59 User comments (6)

Nintendo to sell Wii in China and Korea Nintendo has said it hopes to launch its very popular Wii console in China and South Korea starting next year in an effort to cement its lead over the competition.
For the year, the Wii has been outselling both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 by a hefty margin to become the best selling next-gen console in the market.

"Since the Xbox 360 was launched one year ahead, it is roughly on par with the Wii in total sales. But if you take a look at current momentum in net growth, the Wii is well ahead" said Daiwa Institute of Research analyst Koki Shiraishi.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata had the following to say about their upcoming plans for the Wii. "We suffer a global shortage of the Wii. Our responsibility now is to deliver as many consoles as we can to existing markets, but next year, I think we can bring the Wii (to China)."


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6 user comments

128.10.2007 02:42

wait this fun!!!! I thought china banned fun?

228.10.2007 04:11

wheres the cough VII cough they said its an exact copy of the wii

329.10.2007 13:21

This should be a successful launch given the ever-growing sales of NDS in Korea and other neighboring Asian countries.

41.11.2007 17:23

Well this is a good move as they say strike while the oven is still hot. :)

52.11.2007 16:12

If they can't supply Japan/US/Europe, how the hell are they going to supply China (over 1 billion people) and Korea?

64.11.2007 03:13

Yeah I heard about that Vii, it's made by the same people as the CECT iPhone. It's as good as the wii, but no motion controls. Instead the tip of the wiimote is a joystick ;)

But it DOES play MP4s

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