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Jaman brings international cinema to the internet

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 29 Oct 2007 0:09 User comments (2)

Jaman brings international cinema to the internet With all the hype surrounding new methods of digital video distribution, a new market is emerging that caters to people interested in movies that traditionally don't get any exposure in the U.S. marketplace. A download service called Jaman caters to people looking for less mainstream international movies.
"If people want 'Spiderman' or 'Shrek,' there are a hundred places to get that," said Jaman founder Gaurav Dhillon. "This is where people come for stuff that is a little more edgy."

In addition to seeing his site as a marketplace for international films, Dhillon also believes it could potentially be a gateway to Hollywood success for some. The site provides exposure for members who upload original films in exchange for an exclusive distribution deal. Jaman offers both rental and sales of the movies, with the creators getting paid if their movies are profitable.

Some feel this makes Jaman an ideal place to look for new talent without first digging through mountains of amateur video. An anonymous visitor to the Jaman website posted "We can make it a place where industry executives go to look for new talent. YouTube is too random and our individual postings on websites are too hard to find."

Whether any new Hollywood talent is discovered or not, Jaman is working hard to expand their corner of the internet from an international meeting place to an international marketplace.

Source: Yahoo! News

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2 user comments

129.10.2007 22:13

huh, sounds like a good idea in theory. Practically though, it could be hard to get a new idea like that off the grouund.

24.11.2007 16:34

This would be a great idea if they can get more independent movies on it cause the independent films are most of the time better than what the studios come out with.

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