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Patch available for SafeDisc security flaw

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 06 Nov 2007 11:13 User comments (7)

Patch available for SafeDisc security flaw Macrovision has patched a security hole in a driver file used for their SafeDisc CD/DVD copy protection system. According to security experts the software flaw could allow an attacker to completely take over an affected Windows XP or Server 2003 computer. A Microsoft security advisory indicates that Vista is immune to the problem.
Despite the level of access this could give an attacker, it requires the attacker to be at (or at least logged into) the computer. Microsoft says customers have reported "limited attacks."

Symantec reported two weeks ago in a security advisory that an enterprise security testing tool called Core Impact had a functional exploit. You can download a patch to fix the driver file (SecDrv.sys) from Macrovision.

Source: eWeek

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7 user comments

16.11.2007 13:02

what are these DRM crazed morons doing?
they are not protecting their software much and they leave open PCs what are they doing tryign to hack and crash thos that run copies?

26.11.2007 16:40

wow something were vista is superior at over xp

36.11.2007 17:41

Originally posted by faqman98:
wow something were vista is superior at over xp

46.11.2007 19:09

when crackovision is in the works, something is bound to mess up,

never have i seen a drmed software ever work right, something has to have some security flaw, compatibility issues or something. Thank god my toilet don't have DRM it might start spitting my bleep out, or flushing the wrong way, or have compatibility issues with the size of my bleep. The last thing i need is a security hole in my toilet one day i go to take a bleep and see worms swimming around or an end up bleep on an alligator (wait, that actually happened to someone i bet that persons toilet had drm!.)

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510.11.2007 18:03


Another post edited for are toein' the line.

610.11.2007 21:34

Originally posted by LOCOENG:

Another post edited for are toein' the line.
Yeah you better watch it navi1999, thanks to Locoeng I don't have a clue what the word "beep" is supposed to be so now I don't have to have nightmares when I sleep.

725.11.2007 16:55

Are we sure that this patch is not more useless drm they are trying to put on our computers.

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