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AT&T's predictions for U-verse expansion lower

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 06 Nov 2007 14:11 User comments (3)

AT&T's predictions for U-verse expansion lower AT&T has lowered their forecast for the number of homes that will have their U-verse IPTV service available by the end of 2008 to 17 million. This is down from an estimate of 19 million made as recently as May.
The success of U-verse may be key to the long term survival of the telecommunications company. Competition from cable companies for traditional voice customers has forced them to look for a replacement revenue stream, but so far establishing the service hasn't gone as smoothly as planned.

Just last month they suffered a setback when they were unable to obtain a statewide franchise in Connecticut to bypass local government demands for franchise agreements. This followed a July Federal Court ruling that U-verse is subject to cable television regulations.

Source: Associated Press

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3 user comments

17.11.2007 21:17

I got Uverse installed last week - in all, I like it and it is cheaper than Satellite TV/Phone/DSL that I had previously with even higher bandwith (up and down). However, there are some very weird lack of features that have been available for years on Cable/Satellite boxes. It's odd that I can schedule my DVR from work over the internet, but I can't Autotune. Anyway, hopefully these little things will be fixed over time, and it is rumoured to offer a home network sharing of DVR features which will be sweet! Oh, and the standard box is HD with HDMI/Optical audio outs. Sweet - I encourage others to check it out!

211.11.2007 10:55

I fail to see why cable oriented phone service and land line service even survives when you take into consideration the price and quality fo internet based phone services. Also the bandwith for ATT DSL isn't that great. I personally will continue with my old fashioned way of splitting up the services for the best deal and quality. gmumper

325.11.2007 16:57

Maybe they just feel they need to set a more realistic goal more than anything else.

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