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Creative sets new milestone with MP3 players

Written by Dave Horvath @ 14 Nov 2007 17:15 User comments (5)

Creative sets new milestone with MP3 players In the desperate struggle for personal media player makers to compete with Apple's onslaught, Milpitas California based Creative has reached a new personal milestone. Today the company announced that it has officially shipped a total of 25 million MP3 players. Creative holds the number two slot in global unit shipments according to IDC March 2007 report on worldwide and US flash and HDD-based portable media player shipments.
"Shipment of 25 million MP3 players marks a major milestone in Creative history, as our player unit volume exceeds the combined unit sales from some of the biggest names in consumer electronics," said Sim Wong Hoo,
chairman and CEO of Creative. "We believe that we now have our strongest lineup of MP3 and portable media players ever, as we continue to innovate with our recently introduced ZEN(R) Stone, ZEN Stone Plus, and the credit
card-sized ZEN.

Creative shipped its first flash based MP3 player dubbed NOMAD in 1999 and in 2000 launched the Creative Nomad Jukebox which was a high capacity hard drive based media player. Subsequently, later launches of the Creative MuVo and ZEN family of players received critical acclaim and garnered three consecutive Best of CES awards. The Creative ZEN Vision:M won the overall Best in Show award at CES in 2006, edging out more than 2500 other companies.

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5 user comments

114.11.2007 18:55

You haven't sold one to me yet, you know why?? I want 500 Gigs, Haha strange but true, I like to be organized to a beyond medically treatable level of OCD. And that requires me to have it with me, plus back-upped 3 separate hard drives. Call me crazy, but it is coming.

215.11.2007 13:00

Creative Labs > Apple

315.11.2007 15:26

Call me when Creative develops 300G mp3 players

417.11.2007 17:28

I wish Creative would just come out with something that would blow away the iPod completely. Actually, they already have since their players could play video, were easier to sync (ie, did NOT have to suffer with iTunes crap-lousey programming), and just overall did things better. Unfortunately, it takes something bigger than just being better to corral all the sheep into your section of the farm. All the bleeting sheep are so fascinated by Apple's flashy marketing that they fail to realize who makes the better media players (that would be Creative for any iPod sheep who are reading this).

As for 500gb and 300gb media players, Creative does make them. They're called the Creative Zen Vision:W, which has an expansion card slot so you can add however many media cards that it takes to get it up to the total memory that you need.

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52.12.2007 20:47

wasnt this article post before this is nothig new to be honest woith u i feel like this could be a dbl post of an article that was posted before.

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