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Interact-TV unveils 3.75TB MediaPool

Written by Dave Horvath @ 14 Nov 2007 18:01 User comments (5)

Interact-TV unveils 3.75TB MediaPool Back in January, Interact-TV had announced the launch of a device called MyTellyHD which ran on Linux and allowed you to store your media on one convenient device. Well, the company has outdone themselves with offering to the public a media storage center capable of holding up to 3.75TB (yes, thats TeraByte) of digital files for your multimedia needs. At current standards, some 750 DVDs could conceptually be stored on this device.
Space wasn't their only concern as they designed it to play well with another product they created called TellyVizionHD which would then allow you to setup a rather limitless storage DVR system.

Inside this device, you'll find no fans to keep it cool as it apparently doesn't need them, which will in turn make for silent operation within your entertainment center. Aside from that, you can expect 5 linked 750GB Seagate hard drives connected via eSATA for fast and reliable data transfer. On the blue back-lit display, there is a space left for overheating warnings so you'll know if you're about to cook your device.

No word on price or availability just yet.


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5 user comments

114.11.2007 18:10

That is awesome!! However, I'd assume the price will be astronomical.

214.11.2007 18:31

Its not for sale yet, from what I can see, but the 2.25TB model is $2,495 without shipping. It contains a Gigabit Ethernet but has options of Wireless G ($87.50), 3-Year Telly Program Guide, as opposed to the included 1-Year ($119), and an IR Adapter ($50).

The 2.25TB model has 720p output. I couldn't find the output for this model, I assume its going to be 1080p.

315.11.2007 17:40

That's really awesome. I'd love to have it but it's probably WAY too expensive for my budget ;)
But I like the progress.

416.11.2007 21:14


Once this will be common place, so will piracy.

52.12.2007 21:18

Originally posted by veyron:
That is awesome!! However, I'd assume the price will be astronomical.
my sentiments exactly.

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