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AOL unveils new personal media player

Written by Dave Horvath @ 14 Nov 2007 17:44 User comments (12)

AOL unveils new personal media player Though not much news has circulated about details on the WiFi-enabled personal media player being developed by Haier and AOL since its showing at CES at the beginning of the year, the cover has finally been lifted. Its now received a new name and a few of the specs have been released for public propaganda. Being named the ibiza Rhapsody and featuring three different versions, the wireless capable PMPs will include 4Gb, 8Gb and 30Gb varieties. Each model will also be available in a select range of colors. All the players appear to look identical with their 2.5-inch displays, FM radio, built in WiFi, bluetooth and integration with the AOL video service and Rhapsody-To-Go.
No word yet as to when they'll be available, but look for them to tip the scales on the expensive side of the spectrum with the 4, 8, and 30Gb models costing $230, $250, and $330 respectively.


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12 user comments

114.11.2007 19:09

Eww God that thing is up there with the brown Zune!

214.11.2007 19:25

Yeah.. sure ain't pretty :S

314.11.2007 20:01

this thing looks like a generic Ipod.

414.11.2007 23:00

Looks like a small touchpad in the center of the buttons. Could it have a point and click type of interface for files, media, or wi-fi?

514.11.2007 23:54

Lol I have a 30 gig brown Zune, and I must admit, AOL's product looks just as bad if not worse!

615.11.2007 6:18

looks like a cheap ipod with buttons instead of a click wheel.

One of those mp4 players made in China you see on ebay.

715.11.2007 8:22

Not pretty at all. Looks like just another cheesy knock-off.

815.11.2007 11:06

I like the Zune. I don't know why people don't. Straight forward, big screen, easy to navigate. The newer one is even cooler. Besides people, seriously, Mp3 players are, at the very highest compliment, a dime-a-dozen. As long as it has good functionality, great sound and more reliability than IPods. I was a Geek squad tech for a few months and saw IPods (all) come in for serious repair (i.e. hard disk failures, corrupt file systems, batteries dying too early, and the ever-popular super pliable scratched screens to the point you can't see the display) in the amount of 50-70 per week. Personally, Creative's are all-in-all, UNBEATABLE!

915.11.2007 11:58

In as much as I loathe Apple, I think I might have to stick with their products in the genre of MP3 devices :(

1015.11.2007 13:08

Even though this thing looks craptastic i wonder if Apple will sue them for the general design. AOL needs to stick to messengers and DSL and their webpage.

1116.11.2007 10:03

Im guessing that one of the reasons they just bought Orb Networks as well, altough this has only just been integrated as beta into winamp i can see they will extend the platform further.

122.12.2007 21:13

it may not b prety however the price tag is appealing.

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