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Streaming video growth may be levelling off

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 02 Dec 2007 13:23 User comments (4)

Streaming video growth may be levelling off According to a nre report from comScore the number of streaming video viewers continues to grow, but in the last 6 months that growth has been slowing down.
This isn't exactly a surprising development given that the number reach nearly a full 75% in September. While that's less than a 1% increase from the month before, at nearly 3/4 of the potential audience for streaming video, and possibly starting to converge with the number of internet users with broadband internet available to them to stream across. The percentage increase is also somewhat misleading, as it indicates that 136 million streaming video viewers.

As usual Google, led by YouTube, led all other video providers, serving up video clips to nearly 71.6 million unique viewers, or more than 28% of the total.

Perhaps more importantly at this point, the average amount of time viewers spend watching online videos was up three hours. This is up from 2.5 hours in May. In total over 9 billion clips were streamed in September.

Source: MediaWeek

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4 user comments

13.12.2007 13:29

People have no lives. but most of these are music streams

24.12.2007 10:59

I wonder if this takes into account streaming video from tv networks where you can go watch episodes of their shows (e.g NBC for bionic woman, life,my name is earl,heroes, journey man and other networks and shows as well). Or if it is just focusing on streaming the crap that is on these 'pure' video sites (e.g YouTube) like baby dancing to lets go crazy, skater dude breaks arm grinding hand rail etc.

310.12.2007 7:44

Perhaps the limitations of reliability are cutting in especially with You Tube. On many occasionss, clips on You Tube either stop or wont play at all. The problem seems quite random and increased dramatically when YT messed around with its code possibly to stop people downloading the clips before playing them. DIVx and AVI downloads seem to work fine but the flash stuff seems increasingly buggy. Perhaps the hardware installed during the Dot Com boom has now reached capacity and no one amongst the ISPs and content providers has the dosh or the willingness to invest in any upgrades. As the world tilts in the direction of recession, these problems of capacity and bandwidth are likely to increase i think. Here in the UK, You Tube is frequently unusable.

422.12.2007 18:43

This should be expected due to the fact that it all depends what time of the year it is and this shows people what they can see on TV and if its not ratting season then they put crap on tv otherwise its all good if its non rating season then peoples online viewing should increase.

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