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720p projector sales increase in 3rd quarter

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 03 Dec 2007 18:39 User comments (10)

720p projector sales increase in 3rd quarter According to a report from Quixel Research, sales of 720p front projectors increased by 43% in the third quarter of this year compared to the second quarter.
The report, titled 'Quixel Research's Home Theater and Entertainment Front Projector Market Review,' indicates that the increase is a result of "great value" 720p models currently available.

"The residential front-projection market is very segmented," stated Tamaryn Pratt, Quixel's principal. "For all the buzz about 1080p in the projection industry, as well as the entire display industry, 720p at the right price is perfect for many consumers' needs. We saw the 720p category blossom in the third quarter all the top sellers were 720p and they were all priced below $1,300. Many even included a screen."

While total shipments for the total (home entertainment) projector category wree up 3% from the second quarter of this year, revuenue dropped a massive 19% from the third quarter of last year due to competition in all consumer hi-def display categories.

Source: This Week In Consumer Electronics

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10 user comments

14.12.2007 9:21

For all the buzz about 1080p in the projection industry, as well as the entire display industry, 720p at the right price is perfect for many consumers' needs
This is not quite accurate. The truth as I see it is that for 'many consumers' 720p projectors are all that is affordable right now-- which does not make it the 'right price' as much as it makes a 1080p PJ the 'wrong' price.

I saw a beautiful 1080p image being displayed in a theater room at Ultimate Electronics a few weeks back. I initially thought it was an LCD or Plasma--until I thought about how large the screen was. A second later I tracked down the PJ showing this beautiful, vivid, bright, high resolution image. It had a price tag of just under $6000.

People can talk 1080p until they turn blue in the face but the fact that "all the top sellers were...all priced below $1,300" pretty much says it all. If there were 1080p PJs like what I saw for even close to that price the comment quoted in this article wouldn't have even been made. Again it just proves the price not the resolution is what is behind these sales.

24.12.2007 11:00

You're right ducknrun.

I think for those who are just trying out their first front projection setup then the cost of the 720p pj's are just right. However, for any serious HT enthusiast, especially those with HD DVD or BluRay players, the advantages of a 1080p projector will be worth the extra cost.

Remember we're talking about screens at least 80 - 90 inches diagonal here. At those sizes and at normal seating distances the advantages of increased resolution become clear. This is the reason why I upgraded from a 720p Panny PT-AE900u to a 1080p Sony VPL-VW50. The difference on my 110 inch screen is worth the extra ~$3K.

Add to that the advantage of 1080p/24fps on the Sony and you really get your money's worth.

34.12.2007 11:56

I started with a 720p pj a couple of years ago (currently no longer have one) and would love to get a 1080p one. I just can't justify the money to do so-- maybe I'm just cheap lol.

44.12.2007 12:28

Or maybe you just sound like every other "normal" person out there that doesn't have the means to buy such an expensive device?

54.12.2007 15:37

Originally posted by goodswipe:
Or maybe you just sound like every other "normal" person out there that doesn't have the means to buy such an expensive device?
LOL. I presume you were making a joke even though you forgot the appropriate emoticon or the lol at the end. Because otherwise you were just showing your ignorance by assuming what someone you don't know from Adam can and cannot afford, which means you were also assuming about how much they make, what their expenses are from that income as well as quite a few other assumptions as well.

I always find it funny that anonymous people on a message board can read another anonymous person's post and assume they know who and what that person is. Just because someone doesn't see spending over a certain amount of $ for something doesn't mean they can't afford it.

The only value your post has (besides the possible one of making you feel better about yourself somehow? I really don't care enough to take the time to break apart your comments and use logic and reasoning to show how this could be the case. But I won't assume to know you from your post lol.) is to point out that for 'normal' people who can't afford it $1300 seems to be the price point that they are willing to spend.

Maybe next time you want to contribute something you can spend a little more time formulating a comment based upon facts instead of just taking the easy route of assumptions and conjecture?
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65.12.2007 10:19

Wow dude, it wasn't even meant to be a blow to you, lmao. You really need to chill out. Going through some possible mid life crisis? Next time you want to leave a comment like that, how bout you pm instead of making yourself look like a complete asshole.

75.12.2007 19:54

@ Goodswipe

If I misunderstood your post then I apologize.

It wasn't so much as me seeing it as a 'swipe against me' because it's hard to be offended for the reasons I listed. I think most reasonable people wouldn't take offense at some anonymous person attempting to slam them- I didn't. It just seems that nowadays 'some' posters want to make crass remarks and belittle people as opposed to making a positive contribution to discussions.

With the post beginning "Or maybe you just sound like..." I think it was an easy mistake to make on my part and with no further comments laid out in your post.

You were exactly correct about one thing though: most normal people can't afford to spend $6000 on a 'tv'

Chalk it up to cold medicine, pain pills, fatigue and just a simple misunderstanding of your motives.


Edit: btw I am no where near old enough to be having a mid-life crisis lol

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86.12.2007 9:55

Right on, that's totally cool.

97.12.2007 3:44

I have a 720p/1080i projector and it looks pretty awesome. Because I don't have a PS3 and can't afford one, I have absolutely no need for 1080p. All HD video content really can't be displayed in 1080p anyways... as I understand it 1080p input just changes where the interlacing/pulldown occurs.

1023.12.2007 6:19

Personally i do like this however i like to see them in a smaller version and more mobile to move around.

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