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Brookstone and Starz team up to promote Vongo

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 03 Dec 2007 18:12 User comments (5)

Brookstone and Starz team up to promote Vongo Starz Entertainment, parent company of the Starz and Encore cable channels is partnering with gadget retailer Brookstone to promote the Starz owned Vongo online movie service with purchases of at least $100.
The promotion, which will be going on through March 24 of next year, offers Brookstone customers a free 30 day trial of Vongo, including access to more than 1,000 video titles. Brookstone will also be promoting a new theatrical release from another venture owned by Starz, Overture Films. The promotion for Mad Money will give advanced screening passes to a Limited number of visitors to the mall-based chain's stores.

“Vongo is a terrific match for Brookstone’s tech savvy customers, and we are pleased to leverage the upcoming Overture Films release Mad Money as part of the overall campaign,” said Joe Cantwell, VP of advanced services at Starz. “As the only subscription-based download service for mainstream new release Hollywood films, Vongo is in a unique position to work with innovative companies such as Brookstone.”

Brookstone CEO Lou Mancini added, “The co-marketing agreement with Starz for the Vongo movie download service will give customers yet another compelling reason to visit during the holidays and into the New Year. Also the Mad Money tie-in and giveaway is another fun way to reward our retail store customers.”

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5 user comments

13.12.2007 23:40

I would be interested in Vongo if i didnt already have Stars and a DVR. The only way i will spend the extra money is if they are offering content that I like that cant be found easily.

24.12.2007 10:37

I keep browsing through the movies offered on the movie channels and more often than not only see crap being broadcast. And I don't mean just crappy movies in general but crappy movies that aren't even relatively new crappy movies.

I know they suffer due to the release cycle from the studios so it's not all their fault, and by the time something gets to SHO,HBO etc it's already made the rounds through rental stores and pay per view-- usually quite awhile before they get it. But when I am looking at like 15-20 movie channels and see maybe 3 movies made in the last 5 years and the rest is either unknown titles, B flicks, flops or stuff from 20+ years I really have to rethink the money I spend each month for this programming.

Give me true 'on demand' and open up the selection so I can watch anything they have available when I want to and Netflix will look a little less appealing-- and that cable bill will look a little more worth paying each month.

IF Sci-fi channel and the WB (or CW now i think) offered their programming selections for online viewing like some other networks I could just about ditch cable tv all together and just keep my internet and go to the network sites and watch my shows. Watching networks online (internet), Skype (internet), Surfing/news etc (internet) and Netflix (DVD rentals and internet for orders and steaming) could cut my tv and phone bill by about $75 a month! Personally I think that every channel should put their content up for online viewing. I know some offer season passes via iTunes which may fill the need for some to own them (I still prefer buying on DVD if I buy at all) but just to watch a show, an episode, or a season going to (network name here).com and watching it would suit me fine.

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34.12.2007 14:14


"Download our movie watching software and we'll spy on your arses while you watch them and determine everything about you from your surfing habits to your credit card numbers to what kind of movies you most appreciate".

Down with Vongo. Down with Movielink and down with all net movies. Renting is still king. This world is becoming a bunch of fat lazy people not going outside to buy and get anything.

At this rate..............the whole world will have an average count of fatties like the U.S. already does.

423.12.2007 6:16

How many of these VOD kinda things are we going to get somehow i keep reading these kinda articles and i do not see any difference between the articles the only difference i see is the name of the company that is bringing the so called new idea/product out.

523.12.2007 7:48

Originally posted by tester22:

This world is becoming a bunch of fat lazy people not going outside to buy and get anything.

Hey! I resemble that remark! :P

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