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SpiralFrogs adds 1 millionth song

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 11 Dec 2007 15:19 User comments (12)

SpiralFrogs adds 1 millionth song SpiralFrog, a web service that offers free (ad supported) music from major labels has announced that they now have 1 million songs available for download. The service launched in September with nearly 800,000 songs and has been adding music steadily ever since.
“We are constantly adding new content and features to the site,” said Joe Mohen, founder and chairman of SpiralFrog. “Music fans want to be able to update and expand their music library on a continual basis and with our ever-expanding library and popular site features such as ‘Buzz of the Day’ and ‘New Releases,’ we’re making it easier than ever to discover and catalog new music.”

SpiralFrog, which is available to internet users in both the U.S. and Canada, provides downloadable songs from many major label artists, allowing you to either play them on a PC with Windows Media Player 10 or 11 and copy them to up to 2 devices supporting Microsoft's PlaysForSure DRM technology.

In addition to music, SpiralFrog also features 3,500 videos, some of which must be streamed live from their site, while others may be downloaded like the songs.

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12 user comments

111.12.2007 23:53

Ya, they still don't have what I want sometimes however. They are expanding though and between them and Ruckus, I usually find what I want.

212.12.2007 14:54

I don't get the big deal. One millions songs. Firstly this is a fraction of itunes at 5-6 million and nothing when compared to limewire one of the illegal sites they are targeting to get users from. If I were a user of limewire why would I go to a site with less than a fraction of it's songs?

Also what songs? They have one major, Universal which has about 120,000 songs, important but still a fraction of their total songs. Where are the rest from and these extra 200,000 are what? Why write a story about this sad site getting more content if you can't name the new artists? It smells of a PR push to remain in the limelight. I'm not fooled.

312.12.2007 18:58

Too many unknown bands on their site. Can't find stuff I want more than half the time.

412.12.2007 19:37

The comment made by Montydog1 is wrong. In fact, one million songs is far more than Limewire or other clients built on the fast track network. First off, P2P network clients can only access a small subset of the songs on the computers connected the Fasttrack pirate network, such as those connected to one supernode at a time. The actually number of songs/files one can access at a given moment with Limewire is closer to 30,000 at any given moment. Furthermore, the overwealming songs on the fast track network are duplicates, almost 90%.

This also does not consider that Limewire's catalog varies by time of day, and even time of year. Mornings can have far less than in the evening. That is one reason why new business models like Qtrax are dead on arrival.

512.12.2007 19:52

Dude, Limewire isn't even on fasttrack, but rather uses gnutella. If you knew anything about p2p users you would know that they go on multiple networks. The rest of your comment is irrelevant.

612.12.2007 20:29

Actually, regardless of whether or not Limewire uses FastTrack, swoon's comment has some merit. What is available depends on what is on the computers that are currently connected to the P2P network. Those computer's connections can vary, altering the types of songs available.

712.12.2007 20:46

Swoon's comments are blah blah. I use the p2p networks almost daily, rarely do I not get what I want. In those instances I buy a song from itunes.
This is a red herring to throw us of the track that sf is like me a dog. 1 mill tracks is nothing to get excited about

813.12.2007 0:26

Montydog1, you always finding what you want depends on how frequent you get stuff and what kinds you get. I usually don't find what I want on it and I therefore stopped using it awhile back. As for SpiralFrog, Sure one million is not everything, but it's nothing to sneeze at. It's free LEGAL music. Therefore, if you find what you want on it, you can download without getting caught by the RIAA. Then if you so choose, you can always rip the DRM off it. Between Ruckus and SpiralFrog, I usually find what I'm looking for. Ruckus, by the way, has over three million songs. It is also a free ad-supported download site.

913.12.2007 10:56

I don't have an edu email so I can't access ruckus. I wish I could 3 million tracks sounds a little more exciting. But I have an ipod and i'm not going to give it up which makes ruckus, spiralfrog, rhapsody etc difficult for me to get excited about. the frog has bigger problems as far as I'm concerned it simply doesn't work. I tried to down load a whole slew of songs and it just didn't work. I do like imeem and projectplaylist two streaming sites, given there is so much noise in the market I can get my music from anywhere which means i and people I know don't need to struggle to get what we want. Any new music site needs to be easy to use without too many restrictions.

1013.12.2007 11:19

Monty is also wrong on other points. Universal has way more than 120,000 songs, and they dominate the pop charts, with something like 80% of new releases. If a service is targeting older people like Monty, then that would not be good enough, but if you target under 30s, then things are different.

Even with gnutella, they have the similar limitations like the fast track network. Detailed studies were done on these networks at several American Universities, including Harvard. According to those studies, almost 9 out of 10 songs on the pirate networks are duplicates. And contrary to popular belief, users generally cannot access all the songs on the network, but only those linked through their own supernodes, which is something like 30,000 unique tracks at a given moment.

1113.12.2007 11:41

Originally posted by swoons:

swoon sounds like an employee of spiralfrog. I read that sf signed the orchard and Ioda who claim 500,000 to 800,000 tracks, plus some indies the frog have. So universal can't have that many more than 120,000. Plus i'm not counting the classical and jazz stuff they have, which would make their library bigger. It is true universal punches above its weight that's why it's a major. But if that's your argument then why boast about 1 mill tracks when the majority are chinese, indian or lesser know acts. Or another way of answering me is to prove I'm wrong not just say it. When the frog has EMI records, Warner Records and Sony/BMG records I will view the frog differently.

Finally you suggest I'm old, that's interesting, is it because I don't have edu address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1223.12.2007 19:59

Free is good, expansion is great but DRM not soo good :)

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