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iPhone and iPod Touch get free remote PC access

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Dec 2007 16:26 User comments (5)

iPhone and iPod Touch get free remote PC access Remote PC access software company Orb has announced that they have added support for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, allowing users to "stream their music, movies, and TV without being locked into iTunes."
To use the software, users must install it on all "always on" Windows machine (sorry Mac or Linux users) and allow Orb access through any anti-virus program or firewall. "It then displays the media in the Windows default folders: My Documents, My Music, My Videos and My Photos. Other folders can be added at will by the user."

You can then access these directories through the Safari browser on either of the devices and "with an appropriate media player, any music and video files can be played." In theory, any connected device, may it be a laptop, PDA or even game console can access the content.


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5 user comments

115.12.2007 9:49

this is quite funny that you can't use remote access with an apple computer when you have an apple device!!!

215.12.2007 10:24

Ya WTF did I buy this iMac if I gotta' use the Windows part. of it? Pointless and stupid.

315.12.2007 12:26

You bought the iMac to run Bootcamp, duh.

424.12.2007 1:35

See i dont like exclusive software programs that can make certain hardware devices work./ I feel hardware should work cross the board.

51.1.2008 7:49

Hi there!

I really like this little Program.
I already use Orb on my PDA for a while.
Its really cool to have everything on the go, from music to videos or any other Files on your Home Computer.
With this you also have Access to your TV-Card plugged in your Computer, and even starting a TV-Recording from OTG is possible.
It`s really a nice program.

And the Statement that the Computer has to be "Sitched ON all the Time" is not right.
You can setup your Computer to go to Hibernate-Mode after a specified Time (in Windows) an then it will automaticly boot If you try to access it with Orb from the net.

I`m not an employee of Orb, but I really like this program.

Give it a Try!
(bot for using it often you should have a Data-Flatrate on your Mobile ;-) )

Best Regards,

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