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UK will see new Venturer HD DVD player with extras

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Dec 2007 18:34 User comments (3)

UK will see new Venturer HD DVD player with extras According to Pocketlint, the low cost Venturer SHD7001 HD DVD player will hit the UK on December 29th with added incentives courtesy of the European branch of the HD DVD Promotional Group.
The player will come packaged with a free HDMI cable as well as the HD DVD movie hits "Hulk" and "Troy". The player will also now come with a voucher allowing consumers to redeem five more free HD DVDs by mail.

Although the list is not available yet, customers will have until January 31st 2008 to select the five movies from a "large" list of HD DVDs. Postage and handling will be completely free as well.

"We're committed to ensuring that the HD DVD is the best value format for consumers and as such, we're delighted to be able to offer an amazing five disc free campaign to the Venturer HD DVD player promotion on QVC,"
said a spokesperson of the European HD DVD Promotional Group.

More updates when the SHD7001 price is revealed and the HD DVD redemption list is available.


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3 user comments

116.12.2007 11:06

Well i just cant see how blu ray can win !

216.12.2007 11:10

It's a rebadged Toshiba HD A3, effectively.

The 3rd generation HD DVD players are the 'reference design' the Chinese are all using.

It's a quality upscaling DVD player in it's own right and it's a very nice HD DVD player too.
720p/1080i is all anyone without a 1080p HD TV needs (which is, by far, the majority of HD TVs out there right now).

Even those owners with a 1080p HD TV, if it isn't a cheap & nasty one with a rubbish deinterlacer built into it, will not see any difference whatsoever as their TV can only display a 'progressive' image & so will show them 1080p with this player.

There are good reports coming from Venturer owners in Canada and the USA on the various av forums.

It'll be interesting to see where the pitch the price (that much we don't know yet) considering the HD EP30 can be had in the UK for 199 (from Play) and the HD E1 for 169 (from digitaldirect).
Nice to see they are including cable, 2 HD DVDs in the box and extending the 5 HD DVD mail-in offer to these players too.

It'll also be very interesting to see how fast prices continue to fall - particularly when the other Chinese brands begin to arrive in the first half of 2008.

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324.12.2007 7:41

Nothing that really makes me stand up and take notice.

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