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EMI loses case to Usenet provider

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Dec 2007 14:13 User comments (4)

EMI loses case to Usenet provider The German Usenet provider United Newsserver has won an appeal in a suit that was initiated by EMI.
The large record label had wanted to block access to music on the provider through an injunction but a German court has found that the company is not legally repsonsible for the misdeeds of Usenet users.

In May 2007, the court sided with EMI and the IFPI was quick to praise the decision. People "who make illegal content available on the Internet cannot bail out of their resposibilities", said local IFPI boss Peter Zombik at the time.

As could be expected Newsserver CEO Heinz-Dieter Elbracht was very content by the decision. "Usenet has become a platform for the exchange of all kinds of information. It should be in the interest of all users, providers and rights holders to find solutions to act together against inevitable cases of people breaking the law on Usenet."

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121.12.2007 4:10

Good news! I can't wait for the switchover, should free up more room for HD channels on DVB-T (Freeview).

Why are they still selling TV's without digital tuners though (and it's quite a lot of TV's)?


221.12.2007 4:50

just be aware that the MPAA are trying to lock down are devices and squeeze as much cash out of us as possible!


Originally posted by EFF link above. FTA:
American Studios' Secret Plan to Lock Down European TV Devices

Hollywood's desire to force DRM on TV fans doesn't stop at the U.S. border -- an international consortium of television and technology companies is devising draconian anti-consumer restrictions for the next generation of TVs in Europe and beyond, at the behest of American entertainment giants.

EFF is the only public interest group to have gained entrance into the secretive meetings of the Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB), a group that creates the television and video specifications used in Europe, Australia, and much of Asia and Africa. In a report released today, we show how U.S. movie and television companies have convinced DVB to create new technical specifications that would build digital rights management technologies into televisions. These specifications are designed to give content providers a veto over innovation and take away consumers' rights to make legitimate uses of lawfully acquired digital television content.
Then contact your MEP, do not let American interests screw us over ppl.

For UK:

Then after all of this you have the great swindle that is there will be no HD channels via freeview as after the sell off of the spectrum there will NOT be enough bandwidth to support any, the only way you can get HD channels is via cable or sky at a preimum rate, even the BBC HD channels that are funded by us via the TV licence will NOT be free!

Enjoy your new HD screens with the 480i picture pumped into it!

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321.12.2007 8:41

freeview is not avaiable in my area till 2011!! Im stuck with 4 (not 5) channels and i cant even get sky or cable which totally blows!

thank god for the internet!!!

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428.12.2007 18:03

This is common sense people when the world is going to transfer over the signal to digital from 2009-10 then the percentage will go up regardless.

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