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Sony to halt rear projection LCD manufacturing

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 23 Dec 2007 18:17 User comments (11)

Sony to halt rear projection LCD manufacturing Yet another HDTV manufacturer is putting additional focus on LCD flat panel displays. Following the announcement last week by Matsushita, whose Panasonic brand is one of the leaders in plasma technology, announcing plans for high end LCD production, Sony is shifting their strategy. Instead of a move from plasma to LCD, it's a rear projection to flat panel.
Until fairly recently the market for very large, but lower priced HDTVs was dominated by rear projection models. Prior to its demise at the hands of DLP, plasma, and now LCD, having a large screen meant projecting an image either from the front or back. The curvature of CRT tubes translated to Limited screen sizes in direct view models. Eventually with CRT on its way out for HDTVs it was replaced by DLP (a projection-only technology) and LCD, which at the time was very expensive in anything but projection models.

In recent months flat panel LCD HDTVs have dominated first discount, then high end LCD sales and every major TV manufacturer is focusing on the technology with increased production and many new or retooled factories.

Sony will continue to sell both their SXRD and 3LCD lines of front projectors, which according to a company spokesman they "consider SXRD a very important part of the business in the PJ (front projector) realm."

Source: PC Magazine

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11 user comments

124.12.2007 10:45

There SXRDs are really nice. I wanted to get a 50" A3000, but they don't sell them in Canada for some reason :(

Amazing TV for the price though.

224.12.2007 11:02

Took them long enough to realise that any rear projection screen is shyte and only of any use to the blind or philistines.Especially shyte are the ones used at the movies!

324.12.2007 14:47

ya but look at the glut of cheap poorly made LCD tvs unfocused jaggys everywhere....

424.12.2007 17:46

I just hope they have a massive clearance sale on them so I can afford to finally get an HDTV ^.^'.

526.12.2007 15:18

All projections suck, my grandparents got a hand me down projection 62 inch sony, I tried to pay them to not take it,

628.12.2007 11:03

pieman; Your comment only showns your ignorance. The only thing that is full of "shyte" is you as you have no idea what you are talking about!

RPTV has, without any doubt, the best bang for the buck of any technology over 50". Unless you don't mind paying 2x to 3x more for an equivalent sized LCD with poorer blacks or 2x more for a Plasma that burns and reflects room light and is the dimmist of the three.

728.12.2007 19:21

I love sony TV's and know that it will be worth the wait after the halt. patience is a virtue.

831.12.2007 17:56

@videobruce...I think youve just proved my point....but i am intrigued though as to whether you are a)blind or b)a philistine.One of the reasons poor technologies are thrust upon us is that the dim witted and easily satisfied are more than happy to lap them up.

931.12.2007 22:48

It's you that appears to be "blind" since you didn't correctly read my post and you have no real idea of the differences between the three technolgies.
What part of "best bang for the buck" don't YOU understand?
What's "poor" about RPTVs' as they have been out almost as long as color TVs' were before them.
If you or anyone else 'thinks' a CRT is the Holy grail, you are in a dream world. You just go ahead and watch your 25" console until it completely dies, or watch your overated Plasma untill it falls off the wall if the burns don't get it first.

You can also enjoy paying 2x what you would if you had a RPTV for your electric bill and waste more energy so as to have your status symbol in you house.
If the technology is so bad, why were so many sold to date?

BTW, because most sets were never setup correctly and used poor cable feeds uninformed statements as yours have surfaced before.

103.1.2008 15:42

@videobruce.spectacles on?Ok.I made no mention of plasma or lcd, my comments were plainly aimed at rptv.As for a 'status symbol', hell you cant wear or drive it (lmao).Why are so many sold?For the same reason people buy memorex.Best bang for the Buck?Who gives a toss.No point throwing good money at crap products,better off throwing more at a decent bit of kit.Thats why I drive a merc and not a ford.Not set up properly?Had to rely on a local specialist supplier to demo (no bell wire here) rptv, and my money is on them having read the manual.Thats my last post on the matter as i feel im sinking to your level.Thank god for memorex eh?!!

114.1.2008 9:54

Too bad he can't format a post correctly, instead of running everything together...............

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