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BBC iPlayer officially launches

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Dec 2007 17:34 User comments (4)

BBC iPlayer officially launches Although it has been in public beta since July, the BBC iPlayer service has finally officially launched today.
The BBC is set to start a multi-media campaign for the iPlayer, and the service already has a tagline, "BBC iPlayer. Making the unmissable, unmissable."

Kerry Moss, Head of Marketing, BBC iPlayer, explains: "With BBC iPlayer, audiences will be able to go online to watch or download around 250 different BBC programmes from the last seven days. The launch campaign aims to bring BBC iPlayer to a mass, mainstream audience."

"We recognise that, for a large part of our audience, the 'net is not currently somewhere they're used to going to watch or download TV programmes and so we have developed a campaign that highlights the ultimate benefit of BBC iPlayer that the audience no longer has to miss out on their favourite BBC programmes."


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4 user comments

127.12.2007 11:07

Not all content is available via the new the new flash player, you still need the DRM infested iplayer software for some of the programmes, even the ones made by the bbc, that we have funded via our television licence!

Originally posted by bbc open to all that pay tv licence:
Sorry, Ballet Shoes is not available to play here.

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229.12.2007 9:27

I hope this is successful for the BBC.

329.12.2007 12:25

Originally posted by borhan9:
I hope this is successful for the BBC.
i hope we get all content without having to install DRM onto our pc's seems we are paying for it in the first place.

the bbc are adding HD channels but only on sky and cable so this shows just how fair the BBC is, we fund it then have to pay again to receive content that should be free over free view but all those ppl in the uk expecting any Hi-Def channels on their nice new HD screens will be very disappointed!
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431.12.2007 12:34

Just tried it out yesterday. Downloads are pretty fast due to P2P technology being used. Robin Hood took around 10 mins for a 470MB file. If you use firefox, install the IETab extension to enable you to download from Firefox, using the ActiveX control installed by iPlayer.

The downloaded files are in .WMV format, with standard WMP DRM. This is easily removed by the latest version of mirakagi/FairUse4Wm as long as the WMP version is no higher than v11.0.6000.7000 so you can play the modified files in the media player of your choice or convert to .AVI for use on portable media players/ MPEG4 DVD players etc.

The quality is lower than the broadcast MPEG2 transport stream captured by cards such as the Nebula Digi-TV, but is acceptable in those cases where you missed the original or its repeat.

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