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The Pirate Bay doubles number of peers in 2007

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Dec 2007 17:40 User comments (9)

The Pirate Bay doubles number of peers in 2007 Despite all its legal hassles, The Pirate Bay had a strong year, seeing its number of torrents quadruple and peers using the tracker double.
In December 2006, TPB had 570,000 torrents and 4,300,000 peers using its tracker. As of last week, TPB now has 914,000 torrents and 8,400,000 peers.

To keep up with the demand, TPB has continually added hardware to their server park and more recently migrated from Hypercube to the open source Opentracker software which they claim is "more stable, uses less resources and supports UDP tracking."

Brokep, an admin at TPB had this to say: Since the last performance tweaking and router-tweaking weve removed all bottlenecks. He added that he expects the tracker to hit 10 million peers before the next big holiday.


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9 user comments

127.12.2007 2:28

Nice to see TPB still going strong. Its not the best torrent site out there but its nice to see its number of torrents and peers almost double over the course of just a year.

Open tracker must be pretty good (and far less resource hungry) if you can run it on a home router (according to

Also, if a torrent site with 8.4+ million peers switches to it then it must be pretty decent.


227.12.2007 4:24

Yay for my second favorite torrents site!

327.12.2007 9:17


427.12.2007 9:17


528.12.2007 0:05

Its cool to see it still alive,and the fact that it doesn't use a ratio system is nice.Its annoying when you have to keep a ratio just to stay on a site.

629.12.2007 4:08

use it all the time and thanks to them i can get a lot of shit

729.12.2007 17:49

Well done the pirate bay i am glad that you guys are still going strong with everything that is going around you. Well done and keep it up :)

830.12.2007 16:05

Well, they may have more peers, but my experience is that most of their uploads are bogus and or require a password with which you get a trojan or such. How about you other guys who are keeping quiet?


96.1.2008 6:15

Pour moi c`est le meilleur,continuer comme a !!! I'll be back !!!

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