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Nintendo DS continues to dominate Japan

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Jan 2008 17:00 User comments (6)

Nintendo DS continues to dominate Japan The Nintendo DS finished off its impressive 2007 year with a holiday season flourish in Japan, selling just under 500,000 units in the last two weeks of the year.
The sales data, according to Media Create, shows the DS dominated the Japanese hardware market, outselling the Wii (385,000) and PlayStation Portable(332,000) during that same time frame.

Other consoles saw strong sales as well, with the PlayStation 3 finally firmly outselling its aging predecessor the PS2. These sales however, were still poor compared to the Wii. As usual in Japan, the Xbox 360 lagged behind its rivals, selling only 15000 units for the two weeks being counted.


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6 user comments

110.1.2008 17:08

For ppl that wanted to know exactly how many ps3 were sold here is the pitiful numbers that DVDBack23 forgot to include! Doing well in Japan then Sony!

1. Nintendo DS: 218,894
2. PlayStation Portable: 161,370
3. Nintendo Wii: 152,209
4. PlayStation 3: 52,706
5. PlayStation 2: 25,569
6. Xbox 360: 8304

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216.1.2008 22:53

that is were they came from .:> japan RULES!! omg !!

321.1.2008 6:54

What i like about this device is the games that actually help the user. It is what i call the Ultimate Educator :P I want one eventually.

421.1.2008 19:12

yes brain age is actually quite fun its not much of a challenge tho .

522.1.2008 12:32

nintendo has always been big in japan. i prefer the ds cause it has way better games

622.1.2008 17:49

i must state tho the pokemon games for the ds aRe FREAKING amazing!

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