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Universal rumored to be pondering Blu-ray switch

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Jan 2008 17:46 User comments (6)

Universal rumored to be pondering Blu-ray switch Several days ago, rumors circulated that Paramount was preparing to drop the HD DVD format for the rival Blu-ray Disc format following a Financial Times report. Paramount denied the claim (not the first time a denial of this kind has been made before a switch) and now there is yet another report, this time saying that Universal Studios is preparing to dump HD DVD for Blu-ray.
"Universal's commitment to backing HD DVD exclusivity has ended," Daily Variety reported on Wednesday. Universal, Paramount and DreamWorks Animation are the only major Hollywood studios left backing the Toshiba-developed HD DVD format.

Warner Bros., HBO and New Line Cinema recently decided to back Blu-ray exclusively in the format war, leading to speculation that the battle was coming to an end and Blu-ray would emerge victorious. Right now, retailers decline to give any input on which format will win, but it is obvious that Blu-ray is the stronger of both in terms of support.

Even Microsoft Corp.'s Albert Penello revealed at CES that the company would consider a Blu-ray Disc accessory for the Xbox 360 console if consumers would demand it. Microsoft is a strong backer of the HD DVD format. As for Universal, the only thing we are guaranteed of right now is the continued spreading of rumors throughout the media.

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6 user comments

110.1.2008 18:28

I hope they do... They produced Scarface!

210.1.2008 21:45

yeah man same, HD-DVD is finished, why support a dying format?


310.1.2008 22:02

The more studios the more we get a better variety.

410.1.2008 23:00

Which movie studio will be forever known as "The Last to Go Blu"?

Will Universal go Blu Before Paramount or Vise-versa?

Which ever studio is left holding the smelly bag of crap known as HD-DVD, will be the laughing stock of the electronics industry FOREVER! A permanent, bad reputation that they will never be able to shake. Wikipedia, and every other web site in the Universe will display either Paramount or Universal as the very last to switch. Who will the lucky winner of the "enormous Bad Press prize" be? Who will forever be known as a "LOSER!"? :eek:

Think about it... let's say Paramount went blu today. From that moment on, all we would be hearing about is the lack of vision Universal Studios has. As the days pass, it would only get worse for the last HD-DVD supporter. I can't wait to see who the Unlucky one will be.

Please Vote:

Which studio will forever be known as "The Last To Switch"?

(a) Paramount/Dreamworks


(b) Universal Studios

(Post your Vote on this Thread)

511.1.2008 17:49

This rumour should be locked.

They have said they are not going Blu-ray.

622.1.2008 16:19

If Universal and Warner make the switch then the wart will be over and then it will be much easier for the consumer to make a choice or u could say there would only be one choice and the only thing u have to think about is the features u get with the new next generation DVD player you get.

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