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AMD Xilleon processors will receive DivX certification

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Jan 2008 18:07 User comments (4)

AMD Xilleon processors will receive DivX certification DivX has announced that it will be teaming up with AMD to certify a few of its new Xilleon processors meaning native DivX functionality could be coming for HDTVs and set-top boxes.
For those unfamiliar, the Xilleon line of chips are "a system-on-a-chip MIPS processor found in set-top boxes and digital TVs" and was formerly a project of the large video card maker ATI. ATI was acquired recently by AMD and the project continued on. There has been no word on which of chips in the line will be certified.

In the past few months AMD has announced a new line of Xilleon panel processors which promise "advanced motion compensation and frame rate conversion for future LCD digital TVs." The use of the processor should result in clearer picture for all displays that use it.

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4 user comments

119.1.2008 0:30

Hmm, cool.

219.1.2008 16:48

Originally posted by WierdName:
Hmm, cool.
that kinda sums it up

320.1.2008 20:08

Well how many of us will really give a crap if are tv has a AMD Xilleon in it uuhhgggg. i hope it come with a heatsink

416.2.2008 18:09

I guess ill have to wait and see what the processors are that have this capabilities and then get one if it tickles my fancy.

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