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Sony delays Skype addition to latest PSP

Written by Dave Horvath @ 23 Jan 2008 14:45 User comments (3)

Sony delays Skype addition to latest PSP After announcing the addition of the Skype service to the Playstation Portable, Sony has said that it will be forced to delay the launch of the Skype enabled PSP in Japan. The delay seems to stem from a problem with the microphone not meeting the specifications of Skype.
Earlier this month, Sony said that PSP users will be able to download the Skype software and use it along with an active Wi-Fi connection to make world-wide phone calls. The receiving end of these phone calls would have to be other Skype enabled PSPs or people running the Skype software on their home computer.

Apparently, Skype rollouts outside of Japan will go along as planned as the headsets don't fail to meet the specifications in other areas. It is unknown when Japanese PSP users will be able to experience Skype on their handhelds.


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3 user comments

123.1.2008 20:22

Wow, something we get that japan doesn't get first. Oh well this is a pretty neat feature.

224.1.2008 19:26

<OT>Is this what the N-Gage should have been?</OT>

It will be interesting to see the results on this. If only we had a network that could easily do video conferencing. That would be pretty cool on the PSP.

318.2.2008 2:06

I hope they get their teething problems sorted with the skype issue cause many users would love this extra function.

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