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EU culture committee finalizes recommendation to Parliament without IFPI changes

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 23 Jan 2008 23:46 User comments (5)

EU culture committee finalizes recommendation to Parliament without IFPI changes The E.U.'s CULT committee, responsible for on helping shape EU policy on issues related to culture and education, has decided not to include amendments drafted by the international recording industry trade association IFPI in the final draft on their report on Cultural Industries. The report is intended for adoption by the European Parliament as EU policy.
As we reported last December, the IFPI was lobbying to have language inserted that would require ISPs to monitor subscriber traffic for copyright violation and actively Block websites the organization deems not in compliance with legal licensing practices. These sites primarily operate out of countries like Russia, where the international recording industry has less sway than the owners of such sites as

Another amendment which didn't make the cut would have extended copyright terms, purportedly with the intention of extending the period of time during which song writers could profit from their works. Critics have pointed out that only the most successful songs continue to generated enough revenue for the author to receive a benefit worth codifying in law, but record labels who can continue to distribute and license these works would see far more financial gain from such a change.

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124.1.2008 0:04

I guess the media conglomerates are finding not everyone can be bought and paid for? or was the price too low?

224.1.2008 11:40

@ Blackjax

its all about global price fixing which is why region codes are stamped onto films (except hd-dvd), credit cards are blocked from orders just as the RIAA/Soundexchange forced on apple's itunes store, and many other web sites to force ppl to only be able to order from their own territory.

Last week, Sony made minor news (call it a newslet) by finally joining the Release a Tiny Portion of their Music Catalog as MP3s Party, becoming the final major label to sell music without DRM. This week, Sony announced the details of their new Musicpass service, and it just may be the dumbest idea ever to come from Sony, which is saying a lot. Want to download a song via Amazon or iTunes? Nope, because that would actually make sense. Instead, you’ll have to schlep down to a bricks and mortar store and buy a Platinum Musicpass gift card for $12.99 or $19.99, take the card home, scratch off a little strip, go to the Musicpass site and input the code heretofore hidden by said little strip, and then download the songs and “exclusive bonus content.”
musicpass (sony's new digital distribution url) blocked in the uk, new store opening soon albums priced at £12.99 did they just forget to recalculate or is there a typo with the $ & £ signs as i'm sure digital distribution costs exactly the same, and man look at the prices, you may as well purchase the real CD, someone is making a killing out of this new method of less product for the same price or more as most of the albums can be found in bargain bins!



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325.1.2008 16:53

Interesting. Looks like they might have a few people in politics across the pond that understand thing. Wish I could say the same over here.

425.1.2008 20:49


The EU may not be perfect but it is not the domain of the 'you-can-do-anything-you-bl**dy-well-like' international corporatists.

Nice one guys.

519.2.2008 0:26

Originally posted by hughjars:

The EU may not be perfect but it is not the domain of the 'you-can-do-anything-you-bl**dy-well-like' international corporatists.

Nice one guys.
I like it :)

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