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Update: ELSPA denies R4 quotes

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Feb 2008 14:33 User comments (4)

Update: ELSPA denies R4 quotes Speaking to, the ELSPA has refuted recent quotes about Nintendo DS piracy in North America and instead said the original story contained false quotes.
In The Sunday Post, ELSPA spokesperson John Hillier was quoted as saying "In America, it's thought 90 per cent of Nintendo DS users are playing pirated games because of R4s," while discussing the now infamous piracy cartridge that runs off microSD cards.

A new spokesperson has refuted that quote and instead said, "[John] didn't quote The Sunday Post on any figures whatsoever."

"ELSPA would certainly never presume to comment about America or anywhere else outside of the UK,"
he added.

That article, said the ELSPA, is a poorly done mix of genuine facts, false quotes and a poorly translated article from Singapore.

"The quotes from The Sunday Post were ascribed to his name from another article which originates from a website in Singapore. This, it appears, is where The Sunday Post first found out about the supposed R4 situation and for some reason unknown to John have quoted him on what this article said."

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4 user comments

12.2.2008 16:45

synopsis is "A new spokesperson" not "John Hillier" = the turd realised he made a critical error because he is so used to spewing out rhetoric and lies and now is in complete disgrace and didn't even have the balls to come clean and defend himself sending his proverbial "girlfriend" instead, what a f'ing coward.

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22.2.2008 22:28

i really think he went to far there, most ppl who own ds are kids they dun even know what internet is , they certainly do not know about R4

39.2.2008 5:45

well the R4 is the reason im buying one so they actually gonna
make money from me they wouldnt have :-D
swings and roundabouts

422.2.2008 19:08

Some PR cleaning up i see its funny when they do not talk to each other to know what the companies official line is for the public and then they have to go out and clean up an individuals mess. I guess this guy may not last long.

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