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Amazon slashes HD DVD movie prices

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Feb 2008 18:14 User comments (8)

Amazon slashes HD DVD movie prices In another round of price slashing, Amazon is offering over 50% off of over 100 HD DVD titles, including the ever popular 'Shaun of the Dead,' 'Elizabeth' and 'Inside Man'.
The promo was launched today by the e-tailer and the majority of the titles will now cost $14.95, almost as cheap as their Standard Definition counterparts.

The new sale comes on the heels of a price slashing by the now Blu-ray exclusive Warner which is still ongoing.

There was no word on how long this promotion will last but Amazon has called it a "limited time offer".

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8 user comments

14.2.2008 0:30

I actually love whats going on with this blueray and HD DVD format war. One side looks like theyre winning so the other slashes prices to get back and then the otherside (BR) will as well to try to win and eventually it is all good for the consumer because the prices of the players and the dvds will be lower. What I would like to see happen is to have both formats stay and then have them come up with a blueray/HD DVD player for the price of like $200 or less. This way there would be competition and wed have low prices. If in case one side would have to win id rather haven HD DVD win just for the fact that blueray is run by Sony, who are very smart business men, by charging a lot and somehow getting the most money out of u possible. Not saying their products are crap, in fact they are excellent, but just the fact that they constantly have firmware updates and crap like that and they charge 25 dollars for a blank blueray disk :s.
But thats just my two cents.

24.2.2008 0:39

Whats wrong with lots of firmware updates? most firmware issues i have had have been from a lack of updates rather than too many.

34.2.2008 0:42

Originally posted by drach:
Whats wrong with lots of firmware updates? most firmware issues i have had have been from a lack of updates rather than too many.
I was mostly talking about firmware updates on the psp, and how sony sometimes comes out with firmware updates to prevent ppl with a customized psp to play games, tahst all.

44.2.2008 4:00

hell the hd-dvd players are already down to 129.00 for a good one. really at this point its less expensive just to buy one of each

54.2.2008 4:00


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64.2.2008 12:11

If all HD movies were $15, it'd stop a lot of the piracy.

711.2.2008 20:22

you could drop prices to a dollar and a hard core of p2p users would still pirate the stuff just for the hell of it - they do it for fun.

827.2.2008 1:43

I guess this is because blu-ray has won against hd dvd and now they are trying to get rid of the stock.

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