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Circuit City is not dropping HD DVD

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Feb 2008 18:28 User comments (10)

Circuit City is not dropping HD DVD Despite a recent clearance on a wide array of HD DVD products Circuit City has said it is not going Blu-ray exclusive.
A representative did say however that the clearance price on the Toshiba HD-A3 and HD-A30 will continue for the time being however. The clearance prices are "inadvertent" to Circuit City's future in the next gen disc format war.

The rep also stated that the company will remain platform agnostic and that stores had experienced strong hardware sales over the past week.

The clearance sales has sparked rumors that the large chain would ditch HD DVD for the more popular Blu-ray format but those rumors have now been squashed.

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10 user comments

13.2.2008 18:42

So the players have been selling so good they decided to keep the prices? Is this only in the few stores that accidentally put the clearance price or all of them?

23.2.2008 20:20

I felt like spending money this saturday and went to Wal-Mart for a HD-DVD player and a space heater. They didn't have any more HD-DVD units. I went to Best Buy and they only had two of the $199 players and they were opened. For my area at least, the price cleared out what they had on the shelf.

I really want to get an HD-DVD player and it looks like I might plunge. American Gangster isn't coming out on Blu-Ray and I must have that movie in HD. I'm hoping I can find a $99 player brand new.

33.2.2008 21:07

Well, Circuit City is also the company to introduce the failed original DIVX format.

43.2.2008 23:51

I think they have inventory they want to get rid of. I would be surprised if this persists for very long.

54.2.2008 1:13

Im confused. (Whats new). They have clearance signs up. They are having a clearance sale on them. I thought that meant that they were getting rid of their stock. Does their statement mean that they are doing away with Players but not disk?

64.2.2008 6:55

what it means is that they have a lot of HD-DVD hardware and media products and want to sell all of it as soon as possible before getting out - that's why they say they will continue to be format neutral - it wouldn't be good business sense to try and sell all your stock in one format and announce at the same time that you are dropping support for it.

74.2.2008 8:06

I was in C.C. at the time of DIVIX. I was getting the hard sell and was thinking,'I don't want those DIVIX people knowing everything that I watch...and I don't think others will go for this.' The salesman was, 'Oh Yes! This is going to be great!! You have to get in on this now!! Be one of the first!' Well, I went back to C.C. the next weekend and they had ended sales of them. ...So believe what you want about their support for HDDVD. I ain't buying it.

84.2.2008 18:02

Was going to past a picture, but it wont paste.[img]

911.2.2008 17:10

I went into Circuit City last night and either they stopped stocking the shelves with HD DVD or HD DVD is flying off the shelves faster then they can stock them.

1027.2.2008 1:48

Sooner or later this will happen wheather they like it or not.

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