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Department of Justice investigates labels over TotalMusic

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 07 Feb 2008 23:53 User comments (3)

Department of Justice investigates labels over TotalMusic The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), which among other things is responsible for enforcing federal antitrust laws, is apparently suspicious of record labels intentions with respect to a new proposed subscription music service tentatively called TotalMusic. The service, originally proposed by Universal Music Group (UMG) CEO Doug Morris, would provide most major label titles for a monthly $5 subscription fee, which Morris has suggested be paid by portable media player manufacturers.
A report in a music industry periodical called MusicAlly indicates that DOJ officials have contacted all four major labels to get more information. What apparently concerns DOJ regulators is the possibility that the labels are actually just trying to put existing online music services, most notably iTunes, out of business. It probably doesn't help any that the idea for TotalMusic surfaced around the same time Morris had a very public falling out with Apple, eventually leading to the company declining to renew the distribution deal between them.

This isn't the first such label backed service that's come under DOJ scrutiny. Before the launch of iTunes, there were two subscription services with label backing - PressPlay and MusicNet - which were similarly investigated, with no evidence found against the labels. One important difference between then and now is that labels are clearly interested in making the most of music downloads, while the earlier case focused on their potential use of the two services as a tool to kill online music entirely.

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18.2.2008 4:40

like we didn't know, duh. they have used their clout to steal from indie bands because THEY are the gatekeepers and everyone must pay up. They are stonewalling iTunes because steve will not let them price fix on the singles forcing him to raise prices and stupid bundles because destroying albums as who wants to purchase more than two songs off of any manufactured pop album. They have engaged in global price fixing and are currently being investigated in Europe over their tired pricing that they forced on apple to obtain licences and just as the media industry did with they are blocking ANY credit transactions outside of the card owners registered address, and this is exactly what is happening with the new and IMPROVED amazon drm free music store. and then you have the payola scandels but they are the gatekeepers after all!

Originally posted by link:
Universal and Sony BMG are the targets of a new antitrust investigation by the US Department of Justice. The probe will focus on the labels' Total Music initiative and whether it might give them a way to shut out uncooperative vendors from the unique initiative. Spokespeople from EMI and Warner Music said that they had not yet been contacted.

The DoJ is no stranger to price-fixing investigations when it comes to the music industry. In 2000, the DoJ determined that the labels had participated in wholesale price fixing, and investigated the Big Four again in 2001 over complaints that they all backed two services (PressPlay and MusicNet) while refusing to license music to other providers. The latter probe was dropped due to a lack of evidence.

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210.2.2008 14:42

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32.4.2008 4:27

The more and more in depth we go the more complicated the matter gets. The question is. Is it really worth it??

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