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Update: Pirate Bay sees increase in Danish traffic

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 Feb 2008 15:39 User comments (7)

Update: Pirate Bay sees increase in Danish traffic Although Tele2, Denmark's largest ISP, was recently forced to block all access to the notorious torrent site The Pirate Bay, it seems once again the admin team over at TPB are having the last laugh.
The access block, from a technical standpoint, is very elementary and the admins even created a site to help Danish file sharers break the block and access the site. A new blog post seems to prove that their method is working and that all the IFPI has done has given more publicity to the already hugely popular site.

"...the number of visits from Denmark has increased by 12% thanks to IFPI,"
reads the post. "Our site is growing more because of the media attention than people actually coming to learn how to bypass the filter - our guess is that alot of the users on the site now run OpenDNS instead of the censoring DNS at"

"We also started tracking some stats before and after the block. There’s no noticable difference between the number of users from before and after,"
the post added.

The Jesper Bay site simply teaches those how to use OpenDNS which will connect them to a global DNS instead of the ISP's DNS server, breaking the access block.

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7 user comments

111.2.2008 15:46

OpenDNS is great, it seems to load sites faster then my ISP's (Comcast) DNS and even if Comcast's DNS goes down I can still access the internet due to using OpenDNS. :-)

Thats a pretty crappy block if all they have to do is switch DNS's. However, most people should be using OpenDNS anyway as it seems a lot better than any ISPs DNS. :P


211.2.2008 17:15

another European country gone down the drain!! that is truly a violation
of rights, that is why America is great! if that happened the people are to spoiled to be denied of it! truly this hole piracy thing has gone wack, i dont want to see a decrease in quality from hollywood, and it doesn't have to happen, but at the same times actors can be rich just not so much!!

311.2.2008 18:04

Should I switch to open DNS? I'm afraid that Comcast may send a cease and desist letter.

411.2.2008 19:23

Thank you Pirate Bay... once again they have made my life easer. Im glad they are increasing awareness of OpenDNS. I didn't know about it until i read about the Danish ISP block, but now that is what i use because it works a lot better than Shaw's DNS (in Canada).

514.2.2008 13:04
616.2.2008 8:49

Originally posted by 21Q:
Should I switch to open DNS? I'm afraid that Comcast may send a cease and desist letter.
There's nothing illegal about OpenDNS. There's nothing to worry about. Actually is a a free service that offers a little bit of protection since it blocks known phishing sites.

77.4.2008 21:41

Why do the authorities even bother.

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