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Mininova hits 4 billionth download

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Feb 2008 1:03 User comments (6)

Niek van der Maas, the founder of MiniNova had this to say about the latest milestone. “When we launched back in January 2005, we were the first BitTorrent site to offer a sophisticated search engine, sorting of search results, categorization, etc..We try to keep our lead by innovating and extending our website with new features. Many things changed in the past years, but one thing will always be the same: we try to offer the #1 P2P directory and search engine.”

The milestones just keep racking up for Mininova, and at an exponential rate as well. In May 2006 the site reached 400 million torrent downloads, and only 8 months later they hit the 1 billion plateau. By November of 2007 it was 3 billion.

“This is very good news, it means our site is growing exponential: the amount of total torrent downloads roughly doubles every half year,”
Niek added. “And more downloads means more exposure, so more content available on our website.”

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6 user comments

121.2.2008 01:33

After Torrentspy took comments out i switched over to mininova and TPB for files that I didn't want to download from Private trackers. Anyways Mininova is a pretty okay site except for the virus(is there a plural for virus? lol).

221.2.2008 01:43

Originally posted by dude845:
Anyways Mininova is a pretty okay site except for the virus(is there a plural for virus? lol).
Yeah, Mininova is pretty good, I mainly use it and TPB for torrents. Most of my downloads come off IRC though. Oh, the plural for "Virus" is "Viruses". :P

321.2.2008 04:24

"How to use piracy investigations to combat, murder, drugs and terrorists!"

The funniest thing on mininova has to be "In Trial" the RIAA's latest propaganda movie sent out to law enforcement agencies & district attorneys to inform them about copywrite theft and piracy's impact and that if it's not stopped it will be the catalyst for ww3 from all proceeds going to drug barons and terrorists.

Originally posted by ars link:
We attended a special screening last night of In Trial: Prosecuting Music Piracy, the first feature-length film produced by the National District Attorneys Association in collaboration with the Recording Industry Association of America. Prosecuting Music Piracy is a sordid tale of drugs, terrorism, and technology that artfully challenges society's preconceived notions about justice.

This highly entertaining film isn't destined for theaters and was actually intended for use as a training video to familiarize district attorneys with the complexities of anti-piracy enforcement. The video was leaked and made available on the Internet. When we saw it for ourselves, we just couldn't keep a straight face. Instead of reporting on the facts surrounding the leak (first noticed by p2pnet), we thought it would be more fun for all involved if we treated it like a theatrical release and reviewed it accordingly.
Everyone should watch this training video to see the lies, the record industry uses to enforce copywrite, and convince law enforcement to make IP theft the TOP priority.

mininova link for the film:

the link can also be found via P2P.Net:
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421.2.2008 09:57

I Use mininova very nice layout.

i think its the best torrent site out. but i wonder by telling the world that they have 4 bilion downloads... isnt going to help i think they might get some unwanted attention ... RIAA ?

521.2.2008 11:02

69.4.2008 19:59

Congrats Mininova. Mininova is the only sitr i go for for my torrents.

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