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Telia users having trouble connecting to AfterDawn

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 15 Mar 2008 13:31 User comments (6)

Telia users having trouble connecting to AfterDawn Users of Telia, a major ISP in Nordic, have been having hard time getting to AfterDawn during the last 48 hours. The reason behind this is apparently a fight between Telia and another telecom giant, Cogent who haven't managed to find a way to resolve an issue over so-called "peering" between their networks.
Anyway, basically now a big portion of Swedish and Finnish users (basically all users of Sonera and Telia networks and users of other ISPs who use Telia as their route to the U.S.) are unable to access and several other sites located in the United States. Most likely these companies will soon find an agreement over the peering costs, but meanwhile, there's very little what we or anybody else can do about the situation. Apologies for those who are currently affected by this idiocy.

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6 user comments

115.3.2008 13:59

That sucks, I am guessing this isn't a DNS problem but if it is would using OpenDNS (see their site here) fix the problem?

215.3.2008 14:21

This doesn't have anything to do with DNS issues. It is basically two networks not allowing traffic to go from one to another and vice versa.

315.3.2008 16:54

Oh, thanks for the response dRD. :-) Hopefully this gets resolved soon!

415.3.2008 17:06

I thought the servers were Finnish?

515.3.2008 17:26

Originally posted by ville30:
I thought the servers were Finnish?
No, 10+ of our servers are located in States, as the hosting is cheapest there for a site that pumps out more than 10 terabytes of data out each month (plus, half of our traffic is from the Northern America). Only handful of servers are located in Europe, mainly in Netherlands.

615.3.2008 23:00

Originally posted by ville30:
I thought the servers were Finnish?
That's what I thought. I guess you learn something every day.

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