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Limewire Store beta launches

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Mar 2008 15:44 User comments (6)

Limewire Store beta launches It was announced in August 2007, and now finally Limewire has launched a beta for its DRM-free online MP3 download store.
The store offers "a web browser-based interface for downloading music." The store does not use P2P however and is centralized with the company hosting the MP3s on its own servers. You do not need to be a subscriber to purchase the tracks but you will get better deals if you do. Each individual Track costs $0.99 USD but if you purchase the "Platinum Plan" for $20 USD a month then you receive 75 download credits, good for 75 song downloads. At that rate, each track only costs $0.27 USD.

Users running Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Firefox, Safari or Opera browsers can currently use the store but Limewire hopes to integrate the store into the actual client.

"Our plan with the LimeWire Store is to add to the LimeWire experience–we’re not going to take anything away. We think purchase links should appear alongside Gnutella search results, similar to how Google keeps sponsored links separate. We believe a significant number of users will choose to purchase content if the presentation is convenient and unobtrusive, the price is Right, and the product isn’t hindered by DRM," added a Limewire spokesperson.

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6 user comments

117.3.2008 18:51

nothing beats free, but it's progress all the same..

217.3.2008 18:55

Lol, "limewire" and "store" are quite an oxymoron when placed that close together. Still, at least they are trying to provide legal tracks.

318.3.2008 15:39

hehe. almost like it asked you to go pro and you download pro crack and limewire pro with the Limewire Lite.

you get it free from this guy you dont know, or .99 cents from a online store.

all in the same P2P client.

419.3.2008 2:29

talk about working both sides of the street

519.3.2008 2:29

talk about working both sides of the street

619.3.2008 6:42

well done limewire bout time lol:)

wine for my men we ride at dawn!!

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