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IMAX to now use DLP projectors

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Mar 2008 18:52 User comments (4)

IMAX to now use DLP projectors Texas Instruments DLP Cinema has announced that IMAX will now be using DLP Cinema projectors.
Under the new agreement, beginning in Q2 2008, any IMAX Digital projection system deployed to commercial theaters will be powered by DLP Cinema projectors.

"We are proud to work with IMAX in its development and rollout of the best digital cinema experience in the market,"
said Nancy Fares, business manager for DLP Cinema Products Group. "DLP Cinema projectors are the heart of every digital 2D and 3D movie experience for traditional and now large format venues. We look forward to participating in their move to digital in the months ahead."

Since the great box office success of The Polar Express on IMAX 3D, the format in itself has made a comeback and is resurgent revenue for the movie industry.

Heres hoping everyone moves to digital soon.

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4 user comments

120.3.2008 19:31

Why the celebration about DLP? What about contrast ratio issues? Are theater DLPs that much better at contrast ratios or is it just more convenient to give a lesser perfomance on an easier projector....the mp3 of film?

220.3.2008 20:41

A gaint step backward. The present I-Max system uses 70mm film that runs sideways through the projector and is 15 sprocket holes wide or 3 x 70 mm frames. Very similar to VistaVision in layout but not frame area.

The resolution is not stated. Presently digital projection is a close second to 35mm,not equal to. Definately nowhere near 70mm.
Give me a Todd-AO print with a first generation bug-eye lens - the 126 degree wide angle any day of the week.

The pencil pushers have bleeped-up and will FUBAR I-MAX.


326.3.2008 6:44

I don't think they are thinking of quality. The movies will be 'good enough'. Digital is so much cheaper and easier. The movies will probably be on an external SATA drive instead of a 30 pound reel. IMAX will not just be in museums anymore.

43.1.2013 12:44
Unverified new user

They rock your world to the core.

IF DLP is willing to work with IMAX standards in a 32k x 30k DMD chip, and a liquid cooled Continuous 120 Cycle refresh 1000 Watt LASER LED Source or whatever, then, there may be a chance and hope for a DIGITAL image in the future. If they can make this happen, just for IMAX, and maintain just for IMAX, I would go for it.

For now LEAVE AS DESIGNED WITH current IMAX 70MM FMJ Film (he he)



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