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Dell getting back into handheld market?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Mar 2008 18:43 User comments (6)

Dell getting back into handheld market? Dell is reportedly making a comeback to the handheld device market and could be teaming up with large manufacturer Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) to develop Windows Mobile-based handheld devices.
The company, which ended it Axim handheld line 2 years ago, has been reorganizing for a comeback since early 2007 with the hiring of Ron Garriques, a former executive vice president at Motorola in charge of its Cell phone division.

Apparently, Dell has accelerated its reorganization since "Acer's recent announcement of acquiring Taiwan-based smartphone maker E-Ten Information Systems."

The sources have also added that Foxconn is "recruiting talent from other Taiwan-based handset makers in preparation for accepting orders from Dell."

We will keep you updated.

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6 user comments

120.3.2008 16:13

UUggghhhh!!! And Why??

Dell may be a great deal with great service and support but sells crap. Their power supplies are crap, opticals are crap, mobos are crap and unless one buys the XPS systems, their computers are bottom of the barrel and so were their Axims. Useless plastic pieces of paper weight garbage. Good riddance and now they're coming back.............YUCK!!

220.3.2008 16:22

I'll have to agree with you there. We test their midrange storage servers and let me tell you, those things are CRAP! I'd never buy a Dell server or pc, with all their proprietary hardware.

320.3.2008 22:08

Dells are Crap but Emachines are Garbage. joe wants cheap and so there is HP,dell,Emachine,Packerd Bell,Compaq.

So there getting into hand helds right well. how long can they last in that market area. HP made great PDA's And Laptops For a Joe's price range. Packard Bell has some good all round stuff for the price range too.

421.3.2008 10:57

Emachines.....................'Shuck that fit'. Gateway's worst!!!!!!!!!!!! Emachines are for poor degenerate people (or those who don't care enough about having a SOMEWHAT decent computer). Worst crap EVER...............even worse than Dell. Couldn't agree with you more. Although I disagree with ya' about HP. They have great hardware for the price. Lots of R&D in HP products too but they could be on track to be where Dell is at.

Goodswipe, ma' boy. Happy "Good Friday" to you!!!

521.3.2008 11:04



Yea, HP makes quality products, there one of our main customers. Now for driver support, ehh, sometimes they skip on that. They've let drivers go into the field before that don't even work. I mean, critical problems that should never be released to the public.

I'd buy an hp desktop, laptop, or server any day over the rest.

621.3.2008 11:55

I never said HP was Bad, Read my post again.

gateway has good laptops.

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