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Plextor introduces dual format HD drives

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Mar 2008 21:12 User comments (7)

Plextor introduces dual format HD drives Plextor made a surprising announcement today when it introduced two dual-format HD optical drives, the B920SA and B300SA, both of which can read Blu-ray and HD DVD discs.
Although the HD DVD format is now obsolete, the new drives gives owners a chance to watch their HD DVD titles on a computer while also allowing them to make way for Blu-ray.

The B920SA can burn 25GB BD discs at up to 4X speed and can write CDs and DVDs at 16x. The B300SA cannot write Blu-ray discs but can read at a relatively fast 6X speed. Both drives connect through Serial ATA and will ship in March for $450 USD and $600 USD respectively. Each drive comes bundled with movie playback, burning, and editing software for Windows systems.

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7 user comments

124.3.2008 21:21

I was just looking @ those last night! but recently hearing that they no longer make there own drives i am a little disappointed! i heard NEC chip's in them with Phillips hardware for everything else?! if not correct please correct me!

224.3.2008 21:47

I too heard that they no longer produce their own. That worries me. Is my PLX 760A DL DVDRW a Plextor or not?

325.3.2008 1:37

LOL thats the same drive i have! (among 45 older ones that only do cd burning)I think that when i bought this drive initially i was a little disappointed because i was using a No name EMPREX (bought for $%) @ local FRY'S) & didn't notice any real upgrade over that!

425.3.2008 3:17

ripxrush, there normal drives not HD/Blu Ray are Pioneer drives with NEC chipsets. I'm sure Plextor is jobbing theses drives out to but i haven't heard any info yet on who's making them.

rayals, yes the PX-760A you have is a true Plextor, matter of fact its the last true Plextor drive made.

heres a screen shot to prove there Pioneer drives from anydvd , my PX-810SA sata drive

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525.3.2008 8:04

That is a relief to know. I also checked my drive using AnyDvd and you are correct. Mine does not say Pioneer or anything else. I purchased it last year from Tiger for something like $80 with a $30 rebate. It was a great deal. Thank You for your reply.

625.3.2008 8:16

will ship in March for $450 USD and $600 USD respectively
That's still pretty salty.

725.3.2008 14:05

25G single layer blu-ray discs??

Where are the freakin 50G discs??

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