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Netflix shows interest in Xbox 360 video service

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Mar 2008 17:15 User comments (5)

Netflix shows interest in Xbox 360 video service Netflix, one of the worlds best known DVD rental services, has revealed that it has been surveying its subscribers to analyze the level of interest in streaming Netflix movies to the Xbox 360 console directly over the Internet. Because the Xbox 360 console is connected directly to a television set in normal use, it allows Microsoft to offer a video download service that has a huge advantage over others that work only with computers.
Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey revealed the surveying efforts on Monday but declined to say whether or not it should be taken as an indication that both companies will announce a partnership soon. He did say however that Netflix is interested in delivering movies to its customers "in as many ways as possible."

While Netflix already announced a partnership with LG Electronics to produce a Set-Top Box to stream movies directly to a television, a deal with Microsoft or Sony to integrate the service on either company's consoles would immediately provide a large installed base of compatible hardware, and guarantee tens of millions of further units to be brought to homes in the near future.

Netflix suffered a tech failure yesterday that affected many areas of the company's service. It's website was down for hours and some distribution points came to a halt, delaying the expected delivery of many customers' due rentals. The service returned to normal today.

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5 user comments

125.3.2008 17:22

I'm game to see if it will take off.

225.3.2008 17:40

They need to partner up pronto.

325.3.2008 18:48

It's all going to come down to the codecs in which such films where encoded. Streaming video sounds like a good idea but the reality is its still watered down quality in comparison to a disc recorded movie.

425.3.2008 20:38

i agree on the watered down comment. lets hope they price accordingly. not a bad idea.

526.3.2008 10:46

so long as the prices aren't outrageous.

This is what Microsoft wanted from the start when they joined up with Toshiba for HD-DVD

And I'm pretty sure Microsoft will try to buy off Netflix so they won't team up with PS3.

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