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Nintendo DS back on top of Japanese hardware sales

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Mar 2008 18:03 User comments (3)

Nintendo DS back on top of Japanese hardware sales Thanks to the launch of Pokemon Ranger: Battonage, the Nintendo DS has once again moved to the top of hardware sales in Japan.
The popular handheld sold 65,000 units for the week ending March 23, up from a relatively low 53,000 the previous week.

After a strong previous week, the PlayStation Portable fell two places to third and sold 60,000 units, slightly lower than last week's 62,000.

The perennial winner, the Nintendo Wii, moved up to second place with just over 62,000 units sold for the week. The rest of the chart, thanks to data by MediaCreate, is as follows:

* 1. Nintendo DS (65,055)
* 2. Nintendo Wii (62,404)
* 3. PlayStation Portable (59,833)
* 4. PlayStation 3 (12,874)
* 5. PlayStation 2 (9990)
* 6. Xbox 360 (1407)

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3 user comments

130.3.2008 15:08

HaHaHa The only reason that the ds is popular in japan is because they can run pirated software on the handheld i saw more exchange students running pirated ds games then i care to count at my school.

26.4.2008 1:47

and they can't do that on the psp hev you been to the psp forum here lol

36.4.2008 1:49

The ds has it all.. nice and small.. 2 screens, touch screen.. lots of different and unusual games, not the boring old "same as" the psp has... Officially supported piracy.. It was always going to be a winner.

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