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Blockbuster will expand Blu-ray rentals and sales

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Apr 2008 18:13 User comments (3)

Blockbuster will expand Blu-ray rentals and sales Blockbuster has announced that it will finally be expanding its Blu-ray offering. Despite Blu-ray's official launch in June 2006, the large rental service only began stocking the HD discs in July 2007 in limited offerings.
The company will now be expanding its Blu-ray offering from 1700 stores to 5000 stores within the United States and Canada. For those who use the online mail service, the company will offer Blu-ray as an optional default medium. In store, HDTVs paired with PlayStation 3 consoles will serve as demonstration kiosks.

Although Blockbuster has never specifically explained the low offering of Blu-ray films in its stores, the reason was most likely the existence of HD DVD, Blu-ray's now obsolete format rival. Had tables been turned, Blockbuster could have been stuck with many discs with low resale value.

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3 user comments

112.4.2008 23:51

Well its about time.

i still use netflix though.

213.4.2008 3:08

Yeah netflix has better locations as well as already had the bluray but blockbuster slowly catching up

320.4.2008 12:24

I have used both netflix and blockbuster, started with netflix when they first came to being, after they got bigger they really started to suck, dropped them like a hot potato and never looked back.

As far as blockbuster, they are not all peaches and cream either, no bussiness that turns into a big mogul never is, but with the extra's that you can get if you also go tot he store which I do besides the internet is a big plus over netflix.

Here is what did suprise me, my store already has blu-ray, and I asked the guy whats the rental on this gonna be double?, he said no $4.99 compared to $4.49 to reg. dvd's, that was a bargain to me, now when the blu-ray players come down to $100 or less, than I'll take advantage on blu-ray rentals, it will be a cold day in hell I'll ever pay $400, $300 or even $200 for any kind of player, we already got sucked in that deal when the first dvd players came out, back than I was stupid and did that gotta have it, now I'm older and wiser.

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