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iPhone sees price cut in the UK

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Apr 2008 18:22 User comments (4)

iPhone sees price cut in the UK The mobile phone groups O2 and Carphone Warehouse have announced they have slashed the price of the smallest capacity Apple iPhone in the UK by 100 pounds.
The price cut comes ahead of the launch of the new upcoming 3G model.

The 8GB model will be available for 169 pounds until June 1st while the 16GB model will remain at its now markedly expensive 329 pound price tag. The device remains O2's fastest selling device and the operator hopes the price cut will create even more momentum before the launch of the new updated model.

Earlier this month T-Mobile reduced the price for the smaller iPhone in Germany in an effort to spur sales.

"More and more this is starting to look like they want to clear stock of an older model, with a looming revision to the iPhone which will likely include 3G,"
CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood told Reuters.

"But also we think the iPhone has slowed down during the first quarter and we think this (a 3G launch) should give sales a bit of a lift."

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4 user comments

116.4.2008 18:32

About time it got a price cut...this thing is freakishly expenive for what it does (and before any fanboys start flammin, I HAVE TRIED THEM BEFORE!!!!! AND IT LEAVES A LOT TO BE DESIRED....the price is outrageous....)When the 3G model comes out it'll be fine to pay the price....but for now...nah!...It's not so great after all th hype...

219.4.2008 7:30

I feel that the iphone was over-priced for what it does.

No 3G, only 2Mp camera, no video recording, no ability to bluetooth files to another phone, locked to a single network etc. I'll stick to my Nokia N-series.

325.4.2008 16:01

For 169 and will do just fine :-)

416.8.2008 6:00

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