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Chinavasion introduces portable 7-inch Wii screen

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Apr 2008 18:45 User comments (4)

Chinavasion introduces portable 7-inch Wii screen Chinavasion has introduced a portable LCD screen for the Nintendo Wii that will allow you to play your Wii games wherever you are.
The new 7-inch TFT LCD display offers a small resolution of 480 x 234 and has built in 2.0 speakers.

The company also promises that using the display is easy, and is simply a "matter of attaching the base of the unit to the back of the Wii."

All of the necessary ports on the unit are cloned "so you can simply plug in your Nintendo power cable and keep all of your USB accessories."

The screen's mount "is a ball and socket design so it can be angled in a variety of ways and when not in use folds down flat against the console for protection."

The bundle, including the display and an in-car adapter, is available now for 52.

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4 user comments

118.4.2008 21:20

I assume the TV is mainly use for downloaded games and/or games that doesn't use to much waving motion. I'm just guessing here.

219.4.2008 1:33

or for one person that can only use small waving motions. i think these portable console screens are like 95% pointless. thats why the DS and PSP does so much better. on the positive side, at least this screen goes well with the system. imagine a portable screen on a xbox360 and PS3?? thnx lol im sure they mite have them..but hideous i bet.

319.4.2008 15:25

They made something like this for every console....for the xbox one with a battery that made it portable sweet:P

420.4.2008 0:27

^ box with a battery?!! maybe a car battery... lolz

but the whole portable thing is kind of useless and more to show who has money to spend

in my opinion

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