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Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 19 Apr 2008 4:36 User comments (14)

Chat with users You can chat with users on our unofficial IRC channel. If you don't use IRC that's fine, you can easily access the channel anyway using a web-based Java application. This is only the second time we've mentioned an IRC channel via news, as again, it is an unofficial channel. It is located at...

Channel: #afterdawn

If you need to use a Java chat application to access with your web browser, then visit

If you would like to learn how to use a proper IRC client, then you can read a guide for that at AfterDawn too.

How to connect to the AfterDawn IRC Channel:

Even though the channel is not directly affiliated with AfterDawn, that doesn't mean it has no rules. Besides following simple common sense, here are a few easy rules to abide by...
  • Don't be a nuisance, or you'll be banned.
  • File servers and XDCC bots are not allowed.
  • Absolutely no requesting or trading anything illegal is allowed.
  • Don't harass people for help. Most regulars of the channel have full time jobs and family life, which means they spent a lot of time idling. If you need help, be patient.
  • Have fun!
Come say Hi!

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14 user comments

119.4.2008 13:56

Why not quakenet? Oh wait, I'am already at #afterdawn @ quakenet ;).

219.4.2008 14:04

I hate IRC >>

319.4.2008 16:30

Thanxs for this i have bookmarked it and will get to this asap

419.4.2008 16:52

Look forward to seeing you ;)

519.4.2008 22:00

I like the service a lot. To bad more AD'ers don't log onto it.

619.4.2008 22:07

See ya there fellow AD'ers

719.4.2008 23:21

Totally forgot about aD IRC, will give it another prepared :evil: !

820.4.2008 22:46

my AV program blocks it

921.4.2008 11:01

Unblock it...nothing evil there.

1021.4.2008 11:09

I've logged onto the network a few times...wasn't much going on in there...

1121.4.2008 11:12

That all depends on the time of day.. not much point logging in and then sitting quiet

irc is like that.. it depends if there is anything going on or people active. Even channels that have 800+ people on them can be quiet sometimes.

1221.4.2008 11:17

True, but I figured there would be some heated discussions going on! ;)

I was logged on early in the day, so yea there probably wasn't much going on. Me log on and sit quite? NEVER!

1321.4.2008 11:23

I missed you.. and I have been not monitoring for 3 hours in the last 24.

the really quiet times seem to be (utc) 10am till around 4 and can drop off in the morning any time 6am onwards. There is usually lots of life around 6pm onwards.. with another lull about 2 am.
Think about the timezones of the people you want and shout appropriately ;)

1421.4.2008 23:32

The problem is IRC is not supposed to be really used via Java / Web Browser.

It is supposed to be used with a client like mIRC that you launch and connect to a room every single day for every hour your computer is on. You let it just hang in the taskbar or system tray, it's not supposed to be used like Digichat for example, where u login to talk and leave when ur done, it's an idlers paradise ;-)

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