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Sunlink introduces media player with built-in projector

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Apr 2008 14:19 User comments (7)

Sunlink introduces media player with built-in projector The Hong Kong based manufacturer Sunlink, using technologies adapted from iView, have claimed they have produced "the first portable commercial product in the world with a built-in pico-projector."
The media device, dubbed the Sunview PMPP will have a 3.5-inch touchscreen and will have the ability to output images onto walls and projection screens using the integrated pico technology.

Other companies, such as MicroVision have been actively working on such projectors but have not been able to get them into commercial devices.

The Sunview will store file on removable SD cards and "due to its use of Windows CE 5.0 and Office Viewer, can play photos, movies and presentation files." Each player has a remote so that users can control the player from up to 20 feet away.

There was no word on when the player would go on sale or a price tag.

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7 user comments

120.4.2008 16:04

I'd like to know how good/bad the picture quality is. Also how big/small is the resolution? I would buy this ... if I had the money.

220.4.2008 16:08

same here that seems wicked awesome!

320.4.2008 19:15

This is what's been missing.
We want portability, but an easy way to view or show the product when we get where we're going.
It's the logical next step.
Picture quality will be the make-or-break on it, though.
Price, as always, will be obscene.
For at least 5 years.
Maybe by then, they'll have an HD version and the SD will be cheap enough to be practical.

420.4.2008 21:05

i can image to keep it affordable the quality will be low....thats fine with me though, a pocksized 480p projector would be insane!
just the idea of it.....

520.4.2008 21:50

Wow, this thing sounds too good to be true for its size.

"The iView IPL630 module produces a VGA (640480 pixel) image with a color gamut of more than 110% NTSC, according to the company. It produces a useful image of up to 53 inches, draws between 2 and 3 watts of power, and weighs 40 grams, according to iView. Other modules range from QVGA to SVGA and weigh between 14 and 50 grams.
The 630P engine has a luminous output of 7 lm, which Chang calculates will produce an illuminance of 9 lux over a 53-inch screen. It is available immediately, as are most of the other iView modules."

Then again, "useful image" is like "high definition." It means different things to different people. At 9 lux, you'd need a fairly dark room to get the best image, but still...

620.4.2008 22:45

i honestly thought this would have taken longer to make. i cant wait till its built into cell phones.

in the future are we not not even going to need a tv or an xbox? it will all just be in our tiny little phones? thats going to be sick as hell.

lets guess prices. i say 800 usd. too rich for my blood. how long till they are in our cell phones? could be really quick at this rate!

76.7.2009 18:21

Originally posted by tripplite:
i can image to keep it affordable the quality will be low....thats fine with me though, a pocksized 480p projector would be insane!
just the idea of it.....
They exist!!! But not that many people know i guess - I usually get a WTF is that reaction when I bust out my pico projector. Here's my review of the AAXA P1 pocket projector

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