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New guide for encoding DVD to AVC using Nero Recode 3

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 06 Jun 2008 14:24 User comments (2)

New guide for encoding DVD to AVC using Nero Recode 3 AVC video is arguably the most important video standard in use today. It can be used to produce high quality at relatively low bitrates, and is compatible with devices ranging from standalone DVD and Blu-ray players to portable media players and mobile phones.
Although there are a handful of high quality encoders which can be used to create MPEG-4 AVC video files, ease of use varies widely from one program to the next. If you've found yourself unable to convert from DVD to AVC using the many tools out there you should take a look at our new guide intended to help you Convert DVD to AVC with Nero Recode 3.

Why use Nero Recode? There are a number of possible reasons. To begin with it features what's generally considered to be among the top AVC encoders around, written by a company called Ateme. Not only does the Ateme encoder produce high quality video, it's also capable of blazing fast speed for 2 pass encoding.

On top of the video encoder Nero also provides a high quality AAC audio encoder. AAC is the compression standard generally used in the MP4 files that are becoming standard for most devices with MPEG-4 support.

Recode 3 combines all of this with a user interface which is arguably the leader in ease of use for the beginning video encoders.

But don't take my word for it. Read the guide and decide for yourself if Nero Recode is the solution for your encoding needs.

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2 user comments

16.6.2008 19:12

This guide sounds good thxs.....I will give it a try.

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28.6.2008 14:49

This guide can also be applied to those still using Nero 7 with Recode 2 like myself. I've been using it to create AVC video for quite some time and it is a great program with excellent quality. I've also used it to create video for my psp, for Recode 2 you just have to choose a custom resize of 480x272 and let the program automatically crop the video. You will get full screen AVC with the correct aspect ratio everytime.

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