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Iomega introduces 'DVR expander' drive

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Jun 2008 23:09 User comments (3)

Iomega introduces 'DVR expander' drive Iomega has announced that they have released their own Iomega DVR expander which will work with Scientific Atlanta DVRs and TiVo and will give users up to 500GB of extra storage capacity.
The DVR Expander connects via an eSATA connection and is capable of 1.5GBps transfer speeds. 500GB should be able to hold up to 300 hours of SD TV programming and just over 60 hours of HD programming.

The drive is identical, technically, to the Western Digital DVR Expander which has been out for several months and will be compatible with any eSATA-enabled DVRs from Scientific Atlanta. Those boxes are available from cable providers such as COX, Time Warner, iO Cable and Rogers.

The drive will retail for $199 USD, the same price as its Western Digital counterpart.

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3 user comments

111.6.2008 13:09

Can I hook up my Zip or Jazz drive to my DVR?

211.6.2008 17:40

Originally posted by c1c:
Can I hook up my Zip or Jazz drive to my DVR?
LOL all 250MB of glory that the Zip drive can hold

312.6.2008 12:13

Hmm..500GB for $200? Are they in touch at all with the cost/GB these days? You can find an external 500GB HDD for under $100. Is the extra $100 for licensing fees paid to the movie industry?

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