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Tru2Way may be delayed until next year

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 13 Jun 2008 3:53 User comments (1)

Tru2Way may be delayed until next year This September Panasonic was planning to start selling TVs equipped with the new Tru2Way technology that amounts to a more advanced alternative to CableCard. Unlike CableCard, Tru2Way makes it possible to use services like Video On Demand (VOD) without the need for a digital cable receiver. Unfortunately Panasonic seems to have hit some bumps in the road to certification for this new technology which may delay its release several months.
As part of the licensing agreement signed by Panasonic (or any other manufacturer) they must submit Tru2Way devices for testing by CableLabs, a sort of combination R&D lab and certification agency. Until they certify that the device works properly it won't be sold. That seems to be where the process is stalled right now.

According to a report on IP Democracy Panasonic's Tru2WAy equipped TVs have failed the CableLabs tests in spectacular fashion. In fact, if the report is true, it seems likely that there are so many problems it will likely delay getting the TVs to stores for several months.

To date there has been no official comment from Panasonic, and CableLabs will only say they don't comment on the testing process unless a device is certified. That seems reasonable enough, as does the testing itself. Better to delay a new product's introduction and disappoint a few customers than rush to market and disappoint them all.

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113.6.2008 10:09

Interesting why not take this and a card idea and use it for the new standard to replace cable and dish setups, basically its like a cable ready TV but the card holds your account info and enables the channles you bought from your service provider.

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