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Mitsubishi introduces LCD with built-in 5.1 surround sound

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Jul 2008 15:59 User comments (8)

Mitsubishi introduces LCD with built-in 5.1 surround sound Mitsubishi has introduced a new line of LCD displays, dubbed the 149 Series, that replace the standard stereo speakers of most TVs with "a 16-point audio system, much like speaker bars, that can generate a 5.1-channel surround effect without occupying the physical space."
The first two TVs to use this new system, called the integrated Sound Projector, are the 46-inch LT46149 and 52-inch LT-52149 and can utilize the system to "optimize the sound field for a certain room size and sweet spot to more convincingly generate audio."

the excellent speakers, the full HD 1080p 149 series comes with a 120Hz refresh rate and can also accept one-way CableCARDs for tuning cable-based HDTV without the need for a cable set top box.

Both TVs should begin shipping later this month with price tags of $3,299 USD and $3,699 USD respectively.

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8 user comments

11.7.2008 20:46

I doubt this really works... What does "5.1 channel effect" mean?

I read a review on a similar device. The reviewer liked the spacial effect, but he wasn't "fooled"... The right-rear channel (for example) didn't really sound like it was coming from behind... The system just sort-of "confused" his directional ability, so that that it would be hard to locate the speaker if he was blindfolded.

21.7.2008 21:11

I dunno.. I still have a 1972 Mitsubishi tv which has a superb picture and sound.

Going on the general quality of their products I would really like to see and hear one of these. the onboard sound of most large screen lcd tv's has been to say the least disappointing.

31.7.2008 22:15

doesn't mather how good it is compared to real 5.1 systems,i bet is better than any stereo tv

42.7.2008 0:46

Still not worth the extra money

"The flimsier the product,the higher the price"
Ferengi 82nd rule of aqusition

52.7.2008 9:40

Originally posted by iluvendo:
Still not worth the extra money
Yeah...not quite there yet, IMO.

62.7.2008 9:55

Mitsubishi Sucks i have seen more of there tv's on the side of the road with for free signs on them all do to the fact that it costs more to up keep them then what the stupid sets are worth big deal if they are releasing a new tv the only place that would carry it would be video only because no other stores in the state of washington will carry there garbage.

72.7.2008 11:01

Correct me if I am wrong but could you buy a pretty good 1080p LCD and a good 7.1 system for that price? If you are going to be spending that kind of money, I am sure space taken up by a surround sound system isn't an issue.

82.7.2008 11:10

Another TV gimmick. Tv with surround! This is aimed for the naive people that want space saving. You would need an enclosed room to have the effect work properly. I love my surround system and it isn't nearly expensive but it does the job. It's the best playing halo, you can hear people in the direction from behind without looking at the radar.

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